Possible Arab/Egyptian Tech Tree?

Made by Will Kerrs
This is Will Kerrs’s Arab tech tree, a friend of mine. He made it as a way to prove that such a line can be made while being mostly historical and it is not to be taken as a serious proposal. He has taken some liberties with some tanks such as the T-55 Enigma (uses rubber sandwiched between metal sheets) and the T-55QM2 (125mm smoothbore gun), but they will be replaced with the TR-77-580 and the Ramses II prototype which are tanks using technology that can fit in WoT.

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If you have an issue with this tech tree implementing tanks from multiple nations. Well… There is the Egyptian tree.

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Here is a version with only Egyptian tanks. Although it’s not represented on the picture, this tech tree has a possible second tier 10. It’s been implied that the TR-77-580 has been exported to Egypt.
What happens if you do prefer the Arab tech tree, but you are not a fan of the copies? Here is the “simplified” version of the tech tree.

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I’ll post pictures of all the lesser known tanks. The rest should be known to you if you play World of Tanks.


Disston Improvised Tractor Tank (Afghanistan and Kuwait)

This is the Disston improvised tank tractor armed with a 37mm gun. Afghanistan recieved five of these tanks.  While Afghanistan isn’t an Arab country, there has been attempts to sell to Kuwait. Enough to attract British intelligence.
Will’s awesome article on the Disston.

Renault R-35 (Lebanon and Syria)

Syria and Lebanon operated R-35s during the 40’s and so on. Some were armed with 2 pdr guns in the 50’s.

PT-76 “makeshift” (Iraq)

This Iraqi PT-76 has an improvised boxy turret and armed with an unknown gun. People have speculated that it’s armed with a 57mm AA gun, 20 pdr, 100mm gun, or an 85mm D-48. The original PT-76 had a relatively small turret with a 76mm gun.

BTR-50/EE-9 Cascavel (Iraq)

Soviet-made, Iraqi-used BTR-50 with a Brazilian EE-9 Cascavel turret. This odd improvised vehicle is armed with a 90mm gun.

FV101 Scorpion (UAE)

British FV101 Scorpion used by the UAE. Very light and fast light tank armed with a short 76mm gun.

SK 105 Kurassier (Morocco)

The Austrian-made tank was exported to Morocco. It’s very reminiscent to the AMX 13 series of light tank as the turret was developed from it. It received a significant change in armament in the form of a 105mm gun.


M13/40 (Egypt)


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Above: Regular M13/40
Below: M13/40 with either an American 37mm or 2 pdr gun
The Italian-made M13/40 were remnants of Italy’s North Africa campaign during WWII which Egypt then used for themselves. Originally, it used a 47mm gun, but some were refitted with either 2 pounder guns or American 37mm guns (unknown to which of the two guns it was converted with).

Sherman/FL-10 (Egypt)

Some Egyptian Shermans were fitted with FL-10 turrets from the AMX-13. Armed with the same 75mm gun from the AMX-13.

Tariq Tank (Jordanian)

Modernized Jordanian Centurion Mk. 5 with a 105mm L7.

Vickers MBT (Kuwait)

An export MBT from the 60’s that incorporates the 105mm L7 and components from the Chieftain and the Centurion. Kuwait received some of these in the 70’s

Ramses II prototype (Egypt)

An Egyptian modification of the T-54 using M60A3 components and a 105mm L7 gun.

TR-77-580 (Iraq)

Romanian modification of the T-55. Features a new 100mm gun and vastly improved armor from all sides. According to SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute), the Romanians sold 150 or so TR-77-580s to Iraq.

Pz. IV H Refurbished (Syria)

Syrian Pz. IV H with elements of other Pz. IV variants and with an added anti-aircraft machine gun.


10,5cm Lorraine Schlepper (f) (Iraq)

German SPG conversion of the Lorraine 37L supply tractor from WWII with a thin casement and a 105mm howitzer. Some were sold to Iraq.

T-34/100 and T-34/122 (Egypt)

Above: T-34/100
Below: T-34/122
Egyptian T-34-85s with modified turrets. The T-34/100 was armed with a 100mm BS-3 and the T-34/122 was armed with the 122mm D-30 howitzer.

T-34/122 (Syria)

Syrian conversion of the T-34 with a 122mm D-30

T-55/122 (Egypt)

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Egyptian T-55 armed with a 122mm D-30 on a special turret

T-55/122 (Lebanon)

Lebanese T-55 armed with a 122mm D-30.

T-55/130 (Iraq)

Mysterious Iraqi T-55 with 130mm gun. A very Marder-like tank.

2S3 Akatsiya (Syria)

Soviet-designed SPG with a 152mm howitzer on a turret. Exported to Syria in the 90’s

GCT 155mm (Iraq)

French SPG based off the AMX-30 and armed with a 155mm howitzer. Were exported to Iraq in the 80’s.

Koksan SPG (Iraq)

North Korean SPG based off the Type 59 and armed with an unknown 170mm gun. Some were exported to Iran which were then captured by Iraq and then they were captured by the U.S. during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.