Possible Arab/Egyptian Tech Tree?

Made by Will Kerrs
This is Will Kerrs’s Arab tech tree, a friend of mine. He made it as a way to prove that such a line can be made while being mostly historical and it is not to be taken as a serious proposal. He has taken some liberties with some tanks such as the T-55 Enigma (uses rubber sandwiched between metal sheets) and the T-55QM2 (125mm smoothbore gun), but they will be replaced with the TR-77-580 and the Ramses II prototype which are tanks using technology that can fit in WoT.

If you have an issue with this tech tree implementing tanks from multiple nations. Well… There is the Egyptian tree.

Here is a version with only Egyptian tanks. Although it’s not represented on the picture, this tech tree has a possible second tier 10. It’s been implied that the TR-77-580 has been exported to Egypt.

What happens if you do prefer the Arab tech tree, but you are not a fan of the copies? Here is the “simplified” version of the tech tree.

I’ll post pictures of all the lesser known tanks. The rest should be known to you if you play World of Tanks.


Disston Improvised Tractor Tank (Afghanistan and Kuwait)

This is the Disston improvised tank tractor armed with a 37mm gun. Afghanistan recieved five of these tanks.  While Afghanistan isn’t an Arab country, there has been attempts to sell to Kuwait. Enough to attract British intelligence.

Will’s awesome article on the Disston.

Renault R-35 (Lebanon and Syria)

Syria and Lebanon operated R-35s during the 40’s and so on. Some were armed with 2 pdr guns in the 50’s.

PT-76 “makeshift” (Iraq)

This Iraqi PT-76 has an improvised boxy turret and armed with an unknown gun. People have speculated that it’s armed with a 57mm AA gun, 20 pdr, 100mm gun, or an 85mm D-48. The original PT-76 had a relatively small turret with a 76mm gun.

BTR-50/EE-9 Cascavel (Iraq)

Soviet-made, Iraqi-used BTR-50 with a Brazilian EE-9 Cascavel turret. This odd improvised vehicle is armed with a 90mm gun.

FV101 Scorpion (UAE)

British FV101 Scorpion used by the UAE. Very light and fast light tank armed with a short 76mm gun.

SK 105 Kurassier (Morocco)

The Austrian-made tank was exported to Morocco. It’s very reminiscent to the AMX 13 series of light tank as the turret was developed from it. It received a significant change in armament in the form of a 105mm gun.


M13/40 (Egypt)

Above: Regular M13/40

Below: M13/40 with either an American 37mm or 2 pdr gun

The Italian-made M13/40 were remnants of Italy’s North Africa campaign during WWII which Egypt then used for themselves. Originally, it used a 47mm gun, but some were refitted with either 2 pounder guns or American 37mm guns (unknown to which of the two guns it was converted with).

Sherman/FL-10 (Egypt)

Some Egyptian Shermans were fitted with FL-10 turrets from the AMX-13. Armed with the same 75mm gun from the AMX-13.

Tariq Tank (Jordanian)

Modernized Jordanian Centurion Mk. 5 with a 105mm L7.

Vickers MBT (Kuwait)

An export MBT from the 60’s that incorporates the 105mm L7 and components from the Chieftain and the Centurion. Kuwait received some of these in the 70’s

Ramses II prototype (Egypt)

An Egyptian modification of the T-54 using M60A3 components and a 105mm L7 gun.

TR-77-580 (Iraq)

Romanian modification of the T-55. Features a new 100mm gun and vastly improved armor from all sides. According to SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute), the Romanians sold 150 or so TR-77-580s to Iraq.

Pz. IV H Refurbished (Syria)

Syrian Pz. IV H with elements of other Pz. IV variants and with an added anti-aircraft machine gun.


10,5cm Lorraine Schlepper (f) (Iraq)

German SPG conversion of the Lorraine 37L supply tractor from WWII with a thin casement and a 105mm howitzer. Some were sold to Iraq.

T-34/100 and T-34/122 (Egypt)

Above: T-34/100
Below: T-34/122

Egyptian T-34-85s with modified turrets. The T-34/100 was armed with a 100mm BS-3 and the T-34/122 was armed with the 122mm D-30 howitzer.

T-34/122 (Syria)

Syrian conversion of the T-34 with a 122mm D-30

T-55/122 (Egypt)

Egyptian T-55 armed with a 122mm D-30 on a special turret

T-55/122 (Lebanon)

Lebanese T-55 armed with a 122mm D-30.

T-55/130 (Iraq)

Mysterious Iraqi T-55 with 130mm gun. A very Marder-like tank.

2S3 Akatsiya (Syria)

Soviet-designed SPG with a 152mm howitzer on a turret. Exported to Syria in the 90’s


GCT 155mm (Iraq)

French SPG based off the AMX-30 and armed with a 155mm howitzer. Were exported to Iraq in the 80’s.

Koksan SPG (Iraq)

North Korean SPG based off the Type 59 and armed with an unknown 170mm gun. Some were exported to Iran which were then captured by Iraq and then they were captured by the U.S. during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.


48 thoughts on “Possible Arab/Egyptian Tech Tree?

  1. Probably another one of those guys that whines about clone tanks, then proposes a line that is 90% clones. OH BUT THEY HAVE DESERT CAMO!!!! … pointless tree is pointless


  2. If an Israeli tree was proposed with so many people backing it up, I want this to counter it.
    Both of them are a big joke, but hey, at least this one has more unique vehicles! XD

    *slips into a pocket universe to avoid the butthurt*

    Liked by 7 people

    1. So, the racist comes out like a true BDS shitter whenever Israeli tanks come up, but once an arab tech tree comes up (without ANY innovation to modify or improve) you are for it, just to counter the Israeli tech tree.

      You are a pathetic sack of pig vomit.


      1. PS.
        Not 1 single tank/td/spg on that suggested tech tree is original.
        All are copy/paste as delivered, waiting to be blown up by Israeli Air Force and Tank Corps. (most of them were btw, to your chagrin.)


      2. I have been told to keep the roasting to a shorter amount, so I will be brief.
        My comment, my reactions and generally my point here is to be funny while describing my thoughts.
        If the setnence in bold didn’t get to your brain, I suggest seeking out medical help.

        But let me reassure you about one thing.


      3. That’s ONLY for the lolz, because you were so adamant, rude, and hostile when taking criticism on the Isreali tree.

        Honestly at this point, I’d support the Egyptian one over the Isreali one, not being I’m a racist sack of pig vomit as you put it, but only because you’re a hostile shitstick and making your day a little worse would bring me a sense of satisfaction.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. You are so easy to trigger, so easy to roast, so simple minded, I don’t even know where to begin… so just like exocet, I will leave you be, play with your play-doh, you very special child!


            1. Sorry Seb.
              I won’t do that again.

              Still, you have to admit that their actions are classic anti’Israel/anti-Jew.
              The fact that they think it is funny just exposes their racism even more.

              Their commenting on Israeli Tech Tree possibilities are always about how beyond the Merkava there are no original designs. But an Arab line without even 1 original design is A-Ok.

              Truly pathetic individuals.

              Personally, I welcome any and all new lines in WoT. Copy/Paste is fine. That means more new lines to grind, and just crew grinding on all previously researched tanks.

              WoT has nowhere to go besides creating new premium tanks without lines like Italy, Poland, Israel, Arab/Turkish lines. I prefer continued growth in WOT then succumbing to hate based on Race.


                1. I can assure you 100% that there are no hidden tank designs in Israel.
                  Israel begged, borrowed, & stole tanks in the 1948 War of Independence.
                  Then bought M4 Shermans immediately after that in the early 50’s, converting some to SPG’s, and eventually working with the French to create the M50 and M51 Super Shermans.
                  Tank design in Israel was essentially debriefing crews after combat, and learning what would could be improved on tanks that were in service.

                  Right after De-Gaulle imposed an embargo on weapons sales to Israel after the 6 Day War (in order to save money on Gas prices) It was decided to design and manufacture both Tanks and Fighter Jets in Israel, so we would never be dependant on a Foreign nation for our weapons.
                  Obviously, there is also the Chieftain incident in which the UK reneged on supply of tanks more modern then the venerable Centurion, which had already began being upgraded to Shot Kal.

                  The Merkava and it’s variants are the only Main Battle Tank to be designed and built in Israel.
                  I say this with utter confidence.

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                  1. I am also 100% certain that the modern MBT has it’s roots in the battles fought in 1967 in the SInai, and in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Lessons learned from these battles led to tank designers taking note of ATGM’s being used for the 1st time in great numbers, with devastating results.

                    I think that in a game like WOT, which has brought the Tank great fame in the last 5 years, absolutely HAS to give these 2 wars (1967 and 1973) attention, in bringing about the exact tanks that fought in them
                    Make it a special mode, instead of the ass-monkey Lanchester/chaffee sport/football.
                    I am 100% certain that queues to the Random Battle will be very long, and queues to a special mode in which u r placed into a team automatically, either Israel or Arab, Centurion/Patton/Super Sherman or T54/5/62, without your choosing which. With unicum recommended equipment, and a full skill/perk crew like in press accounts. Guaranteed success.


                  2. I wouldn’t be so confident. I thought that Romania lacked tanks but they do have their fair share of projects.

                    During WWII, the converted 3 tanks and made 6 prototypes (each prototype was different) of the Maresal.

                    They also have some unique proposals for those conversions as well.


                    1. I served in the 7th Armored. My Brother and Father did as well, I know my history.
                      Plus, my wife’s Grandfather worked as a weapons designer in the IAI. He is 96 now, still going strong (he ran from Poland in 1939, and joined the Red Army, fighting in Stalingrad, and left part of his foot there.)
                      I asked him point blank if there was anything planned, he said they toyed with T54’s and T55’s, since they had so many of them (captured intact, or damaged tanks that could be refurbished) and thought about making a copy with Israeli improvements, then they settled for the Tiran since the Merkava project was online.
                      Prior to that, they had no reason to try, since the relationship with the French was mutually beneficial since the French Weapons designers were getting feedback from Israel based on actual combat. (nothing makes for better design then feedback from actual Combat Experience). And all of the Tank crews and maintenance crews were satisfied with the Centurions and Pattons until they faced T54’s and 5’s, then the Pattons were upgraded from 90mm guns to 105mm M68/L7.

                      The Amx 13 light tanks performed adequately in the 1967 war, deployed in the Judea and Samaria sector, facing off with Jordanian Centurions, still armed with 20 pounders.

                      All of the tanks that served in the IDF were upgraded to IDF spec.


  3. Although I’m not against variants of existing tanks in-game and make it into a “new tank”, but have it as a tech tree will only cause more problems. And some of these suggestion should make into the country of origin first. (e.g.FV101)


  4. I think multi-national trees work as long as the nations within them make sense to be together. Its going to have to happen at some point if Wargaming want to introduce new complete tech trees.

    I just hope we dont get some crazy perposal that puts 2 nations togeather that hated eachother

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The Chinese tree itself isn’t completely “red” anyway, the NC-31, Vickers 6-ton and M5A1 were used by the Nationalists, it’s just that WG went with sticking red stars on the whole tree.


  5. I’m all for more nations. But less eager about it when half the tanks are already in the tech tree from before. Why should I go for their Comet or Patton vs the US or UK one if I am a new player? And why should I got for the Egyptian tier 4 Matilda vs the 3 other Matildas already in the game?

    And no T-34-85 variants in the Egyptian tech tree? Only in the Arab tech tree? They were widely used in the 6 day war even.


  6. Okay, I should explain a number of things very clearly (as the creator of this tree):

    1. I am not a big World of Tanks player. As you might see from some of my Tanks Encyclopedia articles that are linked, I am just a Historian. I was given third party advice on tiers and that sort of thing. There are quite a lot of versions of the tree(s) for that reason.

    2. This project was made purely as a ‘what-if World of Tanks had an Arab tree’ – I indeed know that it has many ‘clones’, but that really wasn’t the purpose of the exercise. I later added the “simplified Arab tree” to satisfy people who were crying about that.

    3. I don’t expect World of Tanks to pick up the idea for the simple reason that it uses multiple nations. It really only makes sense to throw Egypt and Syria together, because at least they were technically united under the United Arab Republic (1958-1961). Even then, you don’t get a tree all that much better than the Egypt-only tree.

    4. Better just nip this in the bud before someone asks – the flags and images used are:
    Egyptian Tree – Arab Republic of Egypt, as adopted from 1984. Indeed, the UAR flag might have been more appropriate given the time frame, but nevermind.
    Other trees – Flag of the Arab Revolt. I think that this one would be the best flag for a unified Arab tree.

    I also used a big wallpaper of the Citadel of Cairo. I figured it best summed up the “Arab / Islamic World” that i’ve used in the tree.

    5. Tier VII (and to an extent, VIII), was a struggle. Indeed, the Comet was only, as far as I can find, used by British forces in Libya, not necessarily by the Libyan national army. This is the same with the “AMX Chaffee” only being used by French forces, to the best of my knowledge.

    6. The main focus, and frankly, the best part of the tree, is the SPG line(s). I gave an additional branch from VIII onwards for the fun of it, and so people can see that there are multiple options. The light and medium lines also reflect the different options available. I guess that these SPGs would be low damage, fast firing, bad gun arcs, fairly decent chassis. I’m reliably told that there aren’t really SPGs like this in the game so far.

    7. A lot of people don’t like my tier X options for whatever reason. See point #1 on this comment.

    8. I did take out the SPG line on the Egyptian tree because I couldn’t get a full line out of just Egypt.

    9. When I first came across the Israeli tree, I felt quite intrigued to see how it could fit into a video game. However, when I took a good look at it, it had a lot of tanks from South America and surrounding Arab states that didn’t belong there. I tried to help the creator of that thread with his tree a bit, but he didn’t seem to take kindly to that. I guess we can all get a bit touchy about something we’ve spent a long time on. These trees are also partly a response to the creator of that tree, because he believed that an Arab tree wasn’t possible. I’d like to think that not only did I show him that an Arab tree would be more coherent, logical, doable, but also that it might be a lot more fun. He can have his Merkava, but i’ll always have the T-55/130! (Speaking of which, learn more about the T-55/130 here: http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/modern/Iraq/T-55-130SPG )


    1. Hello there,

      do you by any chance have any further info on that Egyptian T-100 tank destroyer? Mostly on how it came to be?

      It was recently brought to my attention that Czechoslovaks helped to create the Military Technical College in Cairo and had a strong presence there in following decade or two. I was wondering what – if any – influence may’ve the Czechoslovak experts had on creation of the T-34/100 tank destroyer (possibly even on T-34/122), but there seems to be very little information available on these T-34 conversions. I’d like to ascertain the vehlices’ feasibility for Czechoslovak tree and it would be nice to have something more solid than overlaping timeframes.


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