Screencaps of new Japanese DDs + Perth

From Vaexa. Words from her:

These are all stock hulls. I left out Minekaze, Mutsuki, Hatsuharu, Kagero and Shimakaze, as their stock hulls have barely changed. In hindsight, neither did Fubuki, but shaddap.

Specific angles per request, as usual.

Nothing of note changed between 0.5.12 PTS #2 and 0.5.12 LIVE, by the way, apart from the TAE CV bug. No stealth changes.





12 thoughts on “Screencaps of new Japanese DDs + Perth

  1. Do we know yet whether or not Fubuki will have any hull with all three turrets? Not having access to the X turret is going to make her pretty gimped in a gunfight, not to mention it makes the ship look worse.


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