Version 9.16: New Features

Interface Changes

Game client modifications are a wide-spread tool that allows players to adjust the standard game interface the way they prefer. The development team monitors the modifications that are popular among players and adds the best of them to the game. We consider several criteria when selecting which of the modifications should be added, such as the popularity of the particular modification as well as its gameplay utility. The introduction of popular external modifications allows us to improve the game interface while making it more convenient for players.

In Update 9.16, several popular modifications will be added to the standard interface: Battle indicators, dual-row vehicle selection, and extended fire-direction indicators.

Battle Indicators

In-battle information has a crucial effect upon the battle’s outcome. The more information that a player can consider while in battle, the higher their chances of victory. This allows players to select the most appropriate course of action to stay one step ahead of the enemy team. Players receive most of their information from the images on the screen: the distribution of vehicles on the map, any nearby combat, the minimap, etc. In Update 9.16, we will add one more source of useful information: we will be improving the battle interface to make it more informative.

Changes Implemented in Update 9.16

In the latest update, we will be improving the battle interface, adding information about events that take place in-battle, and will be upgrading the fire-direction indicators. The following changes will be added to the game:

  • Reworked the fire-direction indicators with information about the amount of damage received, whether it was critical, and the vehicle that fired the shot.
  • Added a damage panel showing the following info:
    • Total damage caused by the player to spotted vehicles, including damage caused by shots, ramming, or setting enemies on fire.
    • Damage blocked by armour—calculations consider the average damage of the shot that hit the vehicle. Damage, blocked with external modules (tracks, observation device, etc.) is not considered.
    • Assistance damage—upon spotting or destroying a track.
  • Added a list of in-game events in battle: base capture, base defence, enemy detection, etc.

Interface Settings

The display of this additional information can be configured in the game settings. Just open the new Feedback tab and set your preferences. You will be able to select standard or extended fire-direction indicators, configure the information that is displayed in the damage panel, and enable the displaying of in-battle events.

The Feedback tab will be available together with the release of the feature as part of Update 9.16.


Extended Vehicle Selector

The extended vehicle selector is another modification popular among players and will be implemented into the client in Update 9.16. This will allow for better navigation in the Garage and will make selecting the right vehicle quicker and easier than ever before. Players will be able to configure the vehicle display in the most appropriate way using the extended vehicle selector, and even players who have many vehicles will be able to select them easily.

Configuring the Vehicle Selector

Players will be able to select their preferred vehicle-display mode (standard or dual-row) in the Garage, with the dual-row vehicle selector being enabled by default – to select the required display mode, use the General tab in the game settings.

A special, simplified dual-row vehicle selector has been implemented for screens with a lower aspect ratio. If the screen resolution is lower than 900 pixels vertically, the vehicle selector switches to the simplified form.

Changes to Battle Chat


Changes Implemented in Update 9.16

The main purpose of the Battle Chat is for coordinating the actions of you and your allies. Thus, the interaction between players is crucial to the battle’s outcome. If a team coordinates during battle, they are likely to win. However, at the same time, cross-team communication can be used as a way to abuse or insult players.

Thus, several measures have been taken in Update 9.16 to solve the problem of inappropriate behaviour in the Battle Chat. Firstly, cross-team Battle Chat has been disabled for all battle types except Team Training. Secondly, players will be able to block messages from a particular ally. You can disable messages from abusive players until the end of the battle. To do so, hover over an ally’s nickname in the Battle Chat and block the player. In addition, it is possible to add a player to your Blacklist or make a complaint about them.

Thirdly, the complaint system has been improved. Complaints of the same type are combined into one complaint in Update 9.16, thus making it easier to process them. The following complaints will remain:

  • Inappropriate behaviour in Battle Chat: this complaint includes the Insult and provocation, Spam, Out of Game Threat, and Gold selling / Fraud complaints
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Offensive nickname or clan name
  • Inaction / Bot

In addition, we will be decreasing the the number of complaints. In the latest version, it will be possible to make a complaint about a player only once per battle. This improvement will decrease the number of complaints that need to be processed, speeding up the time it takes to resolve any issues.


13 thoughts on “Version 9.16: New Features

        1. Yes, return crew is there but you need to click on the crew menu and after that you have to click on return crew.

          With XVM installed you just have to enable the auto return and after that it’s enough if you select the tank in the garage.


  1. These notifications are useless. Why didnt Wg introduce recieved damage counter, that also shows what type of shell that was hitting you? Similar to the mods out these. WG dont even know what the fuck their own game is about. Inferior creatures sadly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Considering chat is removed mostly due to mods that show ammo types and the rage that followed. And the fact they have been talking about hiding that info from the server to client so those mods don’t work for ages. Then again they have made more audio clues to better indicate what hit you. And what ammo they used. So why do you need it? Received damage counter is there as you can see by the images. But what is their own game about according to you? Or is it all about that ammo type showed to you? If they pen you constantly. Be it AP or HEAT. It makes little difference as you won’t press your luck regardless then.


      1. If they keep the hit sounds for different shell types then the client will HAVE to know what type of ammo was fired, if only to play the correct sound. And if so, mods will be able to access it.

        However it may actually make a whole world of difference to know if the enemy is spamming any particular type of ammo. For example, if you know it’s HEAT, you may want to overangle your hull and hope your tracks and/or spaced side armour will absorb the damage. If you know it’s HE then you can adjust your tactics knowing you will suffer damage regardless of angling. And finally if it’s high pen APCR you will know you can’t rely on your armour, which normally would be sufficient against standard AP.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. As you yourself stated it, you can already tell what rounds hit you by the sound they make. So all needed information is already available even without modifications and in the same moment they would become available with mods.

          I think it’s still a better idea to not give these information away as a plain ammo type log, because more often than not it seems to have a more enraging effect on some kinds of players to get the ammo type shoved into their face.

          Anyway, the real problem with the log is already solved by disconnecting the two teamchats.


          1. Well i play often without the ingame sound and am listening to whatever in the background so if i want to no i need to see cause i cant hear it.
            Is this my fault? Yes.
            But if there is a way i can get away with i am on board (Mod).

            And about the people who are raging in chat…
            I think they are like those “CoD-Kiddies” they will always get aoutraged.
            When they dont know what about you are a: hacker, cheater, noob (for whatever reason…) or gold spammer
            If they know you are just a gold spammer.
            Choose wisely…


      2. there is no received damage counter. the hitlog just counts blocked damage and dealed damage. So if you are hit by more than 1 you need to be fast seeing it on screen, cause there will be no log from WG.


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