Japanese Heavies Supertest Changes

Type 4 Heavy (Tier 9)

  • Weight limit changed from 165,000 to 170,000

Type 5 Heavy (Tier 10)

  • Front Hull Armor changed from 260 to 270
  • Side Hull Armor changed from 140 to 160
  • Front Turret Armor changed from 260 to 280

A new gun is being tested as well.


29 thoughts on “Japanese Heavies Supertest Changes

        1. Well according to someone’s blog the two shells of the tested gun are

          152.4 High-Explosive Common Type O HE

          152.4 mm caliber
          40 pen
          1000 dmg
          3.66 m splash radius

          152.4 High-Explosive Common Type 4 HE

          152.4 mm caliber
          40 pen
          1300 dmg
          3.66 m splash radius


      1. i never spammed gold at them because they had useless armor against my IS-4 or similar guns.
        Now i will just drive away because 280 is rucking retarded.
        Maus and E100 can just fuck off now


        1. Tier10 is for winning, not making money. Load some heat and stop being yet another useless heavy player insisting on firing AP at armor you cannot pen with AP. Or dont, I rather enjoy facing players like you in my heavies. The automatic steel walls are nice.

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          1. Using gold at tier 10 is a joke and inflating wn8 numbers and WR. You dont need fucking gold amm oon a tier 10 tenk since you are top tier all time. It just shows what skill the players has when they resort to using gold instead of position themselves proper so they can shoot weakspots or sides or rear. It was better before when no gold ammo existed for credits. Are you a gold scrub or what`? Just stfu alreaddy, gold ruins game balance so fucking much it isnt funnie.-

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            1. I couldn’t have said better myself, my friend.
              I’m glad there are other people with the same view as I.
              Don’t let these gold noob scrubs take your will away! Keep it up and (eventually) the curse of gold ammo will end, we all will see!


          2. Tenks like maus and e100 becomes so fucking weak when idiot enmies shoot gold instead of aiming at weakspots. But no, people are lazy they want it all without putting any effort into it.

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          3. Who do you think i am ?
            I said “i don’t spam because…”, that doesn’t mean i don’t use prem ammo.
            When driving E100 i use lots of HEAT because that’s just the way game is made – broken.
            But tanks like E5 or IS-4 don’t really need the help of prem ammo.
            When i see E-100’s at close range i simply shoot the lower part of the turret and pen… or Maus, same shit. If they are further away i will use prem…
            Or in Win or Lose situations, almost always prem ammo.

            I just prefer smart using it and not just wasting tons of credits on targets that are not worth the spam.

            I used to be angry at those who spammed prem, now i don’t give a single fuck because everybody can buy it and i use it. I love it when people shoot prem at me when i drive scouts or other tanks with crappy armor.


  1. A buff for my Type 5? Woo-hoo now everybody who wasnt firing gold (like 0. 5% of the players) will fire gold at me, but at least I can sidescrape now.

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    1. + ~10-20mm overall, make that such big difference? in a tank ppl always spam gold at? like all the tier 10 tanks players bring 2/3 gold i am almost sure of that.


      1. At least the cheeks got buffed, too. They used to be 220, which was basically the achilles heel of the tank when trying to sidescrape, but post-buff, they’re 270, which should make my life as a Type 5 driver WAY easier (or at least, more comfortable).


  2. Instead of nerfing gold ammo, they increase armor thickness so it becomes even more difficult playing with standard ammp. WG retarded logic. If they think the type 5 is weak, then reduce gold ammo on tier 10. The type 5 cant even pen itself frontaly.


  3. Just fucking nerf heat and premium apcr and stop buffing alreaddy highly armored tenks. Gold ammo makes the game not enjoyable and remove many tactics that were common back in the days. angle armor fuck that load 340mm heat.


  4. So E100 can have lower frontal plate weakspot, turret range finder weakspot, and its fine. Tank don’t need buff to armor.

    Type 5 lose his side plate weakspot, so player who dont use gold, could pen it, now we wont be able to, np I wont use nothing but prem ammo at this fake.

    Maus has more weakspots, why his turret front is not buffed, or lower plate ? If Type 5 can have more armor, why Maus cant ?

    So u can pen Maus with 250 mm pen all day long if his is not angling, but you have no right to pen Type 5…


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