Type 4 Heavy & Type 5 Heavy Supertest Armor Changes Visualized


33 thoughts on “Type 4 Heavy & Type 5 Heavy Supertest Armor Changes Visualized

    1. before people think i misread the picture.
      i’m refering to it being pure flat now, without the 2 rounded…wheel…things. (those annoyed me to no end)


      1. Except that the rounded sections are currently thinner than the actual lower plate and make angling the front around corners less reliable against prem ammo as you can shoot the inside edges. Dont tell me that it doesnt happen, I’m one of two people to have 3 marked the tank. Removing them is a buff, not a nerf.

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        1. This is particularly an issue with the type4 from my experience as the max effective thickness vs heat you can get without over angling and making either the lower plate or the rounded edges easy pens is 340 effective vs Heat. Gambling with a 50% chance to be penetrated by all the high tier HT heat ammo. Removing the rounded section allows you to angle the front around a corner to whatever thickness you want instead of being capped to 340.

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              1. That where you are wrong though.

                I am the other three marked type 4 player in the server, and that is a rather difficult task because the tank does not help you at all to accomplish that.

                I played it after the buffs, and the tank is simply too slow and too flat to be considered “meh”,
                While it has good alpha, it has ridiculously long reload time and anything that presses 2 for skill can go through it without much trouble. (it wrecks stock tier 9s, 8s and below like no tomorrow though)

                Even though i kinda liked the grind, it certainly isnt a tank i would keep, maybe after these other buffs and the derp gun will make it decent.


  1. these things are effectively going to be the high tier tiger ps if these changes make it which makes me want them badly now because i think the tiger p is awesome but i sold my o ni a couple days before this news came out


  2. It is so fucking stupid to buff armor, what for? If people shoot heat they will pen anyways. I mean 275mm armor on the SIDE? Now a fucking e100 with AP cant even pen it in the side anymore. And how the fuck do you flank a type 5 with a e100 or a fucking maus? WG doing it all wrong, fucking fantasy tenks.


      1. E-100 is well known for it’s superb ability to flank it’s enemies. Blink for half a second and the next thing you know it’s right behind you.


  3. This wil also increase goldspam on tier 10. Tier 10 is a ´fucking joke, people shoot gold as default, and you dont even need to use gold ammo when you are fucking top tier all time, silly idiots fuck u all


  4. Hmmm, buff-buff-buff, was timely, neat-neat.
    I got quite tired of being autopenned by the E100 players that use gold ammo as default.

    Is it a bad thing that I grew to HATE the sound of the HEAT ammunition, the schizzling? I just…. I hate it so much.

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  5. This is such bullshit buff, this tank is already harder to be penned than maus by tier 9 and 8 tanks, now with this buff and the new HE gun, it will become another fucking OI tank in tier 8 that smashes all low tier tanks and shit on equal tanks with HE from 4x-5xx damage per shot, please don’t make this real or ill go RIOT


  6. It makes no sense at all. Why did they buff side armor anyways? And also bringing a high alpha HE gun is the worst thing they could do because it doesnt encourage aiming and proper positioning. Gold ammo is as bad a high alpha HE because it neglects aiming for the most part and also flanking.


    1. The jap heavies where always about breakthrough tanks they are meant to be damage sponges so you dont take the hits they are mobile cover and they are used to bust campers with HE in honesty it requires Alot of skill to be fair here.


  7. For someone who have the Type 5 in the garage YES thanks this thing is crap (I have the Maus too and it’s my most enjoyed T10 while this thing is NOPE)


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