VK 100.01 Stat Changes (Buff’d)

Link to old stats

Old values between brackets:

View range: 380m (370m)
ROF: 3.68 (3.476)
DPM: 1803.53 (1703.3)
Reload time: 16.3s (17.26s)
Aim time: 2.59s (2.88s)
Power/weight: 8.35 (8.33)

Thanks to Cr for sharing.


18 thoughts on “VK 100.01 Stat Changes (Buff’d)

        1. do you think the type 4 had worse armour than the mauschen? id have said the mauschen wouldve been worse armoured honestly. i mean with that sort of turret which is kinda meh and the front armour was kinda meh angling wise. i also thing the mauschen wouldve been far slower over all as well. the only thing it had was the 150mm gun. the tier 10 maus should have the option of a 150 in some shape or form but sadly wg just flat out refuses to give it a gun that would make it so you didnt need to expose the unangled turret as often.

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            1. It had it when the Mauschen was on the test server, but the reload was HORRIBLE, so nobody used it. (Plus, “big gun is best gun”, and the 150 wasn’t really as bad as most people said it was, IMO)

              But yeah, I really hope they make the VK 100.01 (P) and Mauschen as replacements for the VK 45.02 A & B, respectively. Both would make near-perfect sense for the line, and in the case of the Mauschen, it’d only need a few small tweaks here-and-there to make it workable – give 128 a better reload, improve 150mm’s pen by a LITTLE bit (and maybe give it a HEAT round that doesn’t have ridiculous pen; something like 250-260mm seems reasonable to me), and maybe increase the speed by a tiny bit, and voila! The tank is balanced, at least in my eyes.

              Plus, their reasoning for not bringing the Mauschen in is pretty much invalid now, considering that we have the Type 4 heavy, which is even harder for most tier 7s to fight than the Mauschen ever was… and on the other hand, in tier 10 battles, it isn’t exactly a walk in the park to drive, either. So I see no reason for them to make a few changes to it and push it to live. (Not to mention that the HD model is already finished! Big plus!)


              1. i did a proposal of reworking the Porsche line a while back when I was new to TAP. My original proposal was this…

                Tier 6: Tiger P (remove 8,8cm L/71. nerf engine)
                Tier 7: VK 45.02 (Type 101 and 100, nerf armor, give porsche turret, give 8,8cm L/71)
                Tier 8: VK 100.01
                Tier 9: Mauschen
                Tier 10: Maus

                I got some negative feedback but I understand why since I was unable to correctly communicate my proposal.

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                1. Oh yeah, I remember that proposal! I actually really liked it, and I think it’d work a lot better than what we have now, tbh. Tiger P has so many armor holes that its armor is almost irrelevant at tier 7, but at tier 6 with the L/56, it’d make sense IMO. That, and I think the 45.02 deserves to be in the tree, with its historical armor and Porsche turret. (Just not where it is now, split between tier 8 and 9)


                    1. Please do! I’d love to see that proposal implemented, personally, and I think others may be of the same opinion if a rewrite were to be done. :)

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    1. Ikr? And if they add this, they will add the other stuff that will replace the current tier 8 and 9 Porsche heavies, which means they will finallí give us the tier 7 VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B7! Oh yes, I want that beauty, so much better compared to the Tiger I, like how the VK 45.03 is!


  1. Lol I expected decent armor, but after looking it up it has like 210mm upper plate, 160mm LFP and even angled it ain’t amazing. This can fit as T8 no problem.


  2. Sad thing is…If they finally get around to replacing or buffing the damn tier 8VK 45.02 A I’ll be finished with that damn tank long before they get around to it…


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