Thank you, Mark !

100 years ago…


12 thoughts on “Thank you, Mark !

  1. I don’t really like how Wargaming romanticized the tank as some kind of person/legendary creature. The tank was created as a combat vehicle to cause death and desctruction onto the enemy out of bitter necessity and ingenuity, not because they were like: “We’re so bored, let’s do something different”

    That now, 100 years later we can play virtual tanks as entertainment is of course cool, but the depiction of this video diminishes the value of the tank in actual battle.

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    1. True that.
      Reality isn’t a video game with remote-controlled tanks… well, yes of course there were some RC tanks but I mean that the real ones have human beings, and as such, the tank’s explosion in the game doesn’t mean the same in real life.

      Actually, by my very first WoT battle, I had fear to lose my Leichttraktor crew (even if it was ony 50%) because I got destroyed… :|


    1. It’s not the first time that they screw up with art… it’s often with wrong guns, wrong/double mantlets, or track texture… and even two turets at the same time, once.


  2. yea wow, great gamemode. just tried it out, u cant even drive the actual tank, and your machine gun shoots like a normal cannon like what the actual fuck, WG couldnt even get the gun right.


    1. will just test it in 4 hours, but “bomb spawn” camping? did WG really screwed it up to the point of not making random spawns in a mode where it is needed?


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