WoT Blitz – Valkyria Chronicles Legends


9 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – Valkyria Chronicles Legends

    1. just plain NOOOOO! ;D

      as a skin to add to your client, okay – each player could see what he likes. but as a plain ingame addition? never ever! this would totally break the small amount of immersion, WoT PC still offers.

      for Blitz it might be okay, as this is far less “serious” anyway.


  1. ….narration could do some work.

    And I wouldn’t mind some fictional tanks, as long as it clearly labeled as such and WG not going overboard with their inclusion.
    Its not like we haven’t get fictional tanks before in WoT. Waffle E-100, T25/2, T25 TD, in-game T28 TD… those are as good as fictional tank, and pretty much passed out as ‘real’ tank.

    Not to mention both Edelweiss and Nameless design is not really outlandish and still fit into WW2 aesthetic. Well, the paintjob is something but once again, WG has comes out with colorful, non historical paintjob recently with Rhm Skorpion, Mutz and likes.

    All in all, g*****nit WG, give PC player some love too.

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