British Cruiser Tech Tree first look:

Tier 1 – Black Swan

Tier 2 – Weymouth

Tier 3 – Caledon

Tier 4 – Danae


Tier 5 – Emerald

Tier 6 – Leander

Tier 7 – Fiji

Tier 8 – Edinburgh


Tier 9 – Neptune


Tier 10 – Minotaur


My source: A thread from on the WoWS official forum, not an official release from WG, so things could change.


19 thoughts on “British Cruiser Tech Tree first look:

  1. Tier 1 through 4 is always a mess of turrets sticking from everywhere, so this CL won’t be out of place…

    But that tier5 CL looks completely terrible in its arrangment, compared to the turreted Furutaka, Konigs, Kirov, and semi turreted Omaha.

    Like a fat Kuma.


    1. Yes the turrets only have 2 guns each but they are auto-loaders they are the guns of the Tiger class light cruisers (QF 6 inch Gun Mark N5) which had a rate of fire of 15 to 20 rounds per minute


      1. Only problem was INRL they only matched the 203mm Autos. But since its fantasy we can act like it worked to specs. Hell thats the entire Ruski line. 22k barrel pressure my ass, yeah maybe for 5 shots.


    2. If they used the DM/Worchester autoloaders then duals are fine TBH. I am more worried about there super light caliber and the fact the DM already wil lhave this role but be tougher.

      Unless they make UK the Japanese counters with amazing torps.

      Now a paperish very camo`d cruiser with DM guns and 10km torps with amazing angles would be a blast.

      Think T10 flint.


      1. But it had to have plans for one to not be removed right?

        Remember since we know the concept of these ships worked, we can use planned upgrades etc.


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