Gamescom: 100 Years of Tanks Game Mode Pictures

Wargaming showed a special event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the first tank.

This is a new game mode, however, it is not named yet. In this mode, Wargaming will test new technologies and maps. Try it as early as September this year, immediately after the patch 9.16 is released. Special tanks and a large map seen so far. World War I.

Wargaming pleasantly surprised us and that’s not all.

The map is apparently based on the Battle of the Somme. The vehicles shown are the Lanchester AFV Armoured Car and the Mark IV Tank (Male)

24 thoughts on “Gamescom: 100 Years of Tanks Game Mode Pictures

    1. I sure hope so; there are so many cool AC\’s that they could add to the game, not to mention they could make the French tech tree much more unique by giving them a full line of these things. (+ plsgib M8 Greyhound for America!)

    2. There were plans when they somehow realised they can do wheeled vehicle mechanics, but nothing after that.

      They did that rainbow suitcase for April the first and after that they introduced the artillery stike consumables for stronglod based on it.

  1. \”In this mode, Wargaming will test new technologies and maps.\”

    \”Lanchester AFV Armoured Car\” = armoured cars then ?

    \”Mark IV Tank (Male)\” = multiturret/multigun system ?

    1. Pretty much. Question is how, when and if those will be implemented.

      In football mode, you could\’ve seen some sort of cheat detection (the autoaim on the ball) and AFK/bot protection (tanks that were stationary for xx minutes blew up at the end of the game and paid full repairs I suspect), but none of those are implemented.

      1. Actually AFK system was implemented long ago, but WG decided to switch is with desertion which makes no sense, because if you are using bot just to click \”BATTLE\” and wait until it ends you are still gonna make \”full\” exp and credits. It\’s not much, but it\’s something.

        1. Ah, I either wasn\’t playing the game at the time or simply don\’t remember it.
          But yeah replacing AFK prevention with desertion is stupid. So completely fits WG 😀

    2. these \”new technologies\” are really exciting, let\’s see if WG will do it right, btw \”new map technologies\” = bigger maps for PvE? =P

  2. inb4 accidentally showed Battlefield 1 screenshots on lower resolution

  3. If the WG logo wasn\’t plastered all over those pictures, I would think that they just took the BF1 screenshots, re-rendered them badly and said it was WoT.

    Anyway, I really hope that they will finally implement both the half-tracks, armored cars, and the multi-turret system. They are very much needed at this point.

  4. Oh my, they\’re testing wheeled vehicles and multigun tanks? I AM SO HYPED RIGHT NOW

  5. ah a very sneaky way for them to test multi gun mechanisms and wheeled vehicles all at once very nicely done wargaming thats something theyve always seemed to be very good at doing little game modes that test the waters and player feedback for things before putting time and effort in to developing trees of things that people didnt like. im pretty sure i read something on a full line of multi gun and turret tanks for the russians and we all know the french could get armoured cars from 1 to tier 10 as far as i remember (i think i remember hearing germans could too but not sure about that and i get the feeling that the uk will probably have a lot of options too) and we could get the ww1 super hts for the french with multi gun support this gives them soo many options 😀

    Im hoping this goes well 🙂

  6. Gj WG it was about time, halftracks and multi-turrets should be there already. They should work also on smoke shells, amphibious vehicles and rockets mechanics. All these things can make game more versatile with possibility to introduce lot of new interesting vehicles

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