WoWS: Sergey Vorobyev: Chinese tech tree in early development

From Redditor goodman528:

I came across a post on the Chinese forum about the possibility of making a Chinese tech tree. It turns out there is some real truth to it! I don’t know who Sergey Vorobyev is, but I’m guessing he is a rep from WG, so the source below appears to be from an interview between a Chinese gaming site and WG.


Sergey Vorobyev:我们现在其实从上线开始,就一直在准备中国的科技树,但现在还在一个比较早期阶段,主要一方面收集图纸,另外一方面军事专家在研究怎么 搭配这条线上的各个船,包括数值设计上进行一些讨论。因为现在还在一个开发初期,中国科技树无法在今年面世,但是刚才他也讲到,我们可能会抽出一部分内容 在科技树上有所体现。

Rough Translation:

17173: Any plans for Chinese ships in WoWs? Sergey Vorobyev:we have actually been preparing a Chinese tech tree since release, but now it is still in early stages of development, mainly the collection of blueprints, and military experts planning how to position each ship on the tech tree, including discussions of balancing the ship stats. Because now it is still in early development, Chinese tech tree will not be released this year, but before he (程宇, possibly another WG rep) also mentioned, we might extract a portion of content (from other trees?) to appear on this tree.


As for what this Chinese tech tree might look like, the discussion on the Chinese forum is split between “What kind of money grabbing scheme is this?! The entire line will be fictional.” and “Of course we can have a Chinese tier X carrier in game, 96k HP + 66x J15 + 12 cruise missiles.”