WG NA does a great job!

Some people from the WoT NA server contacted me. It seems like someone tried to make WGNA look like the bad guys, without much success though. But I am asking you, readers. Is it a leak/NDA break if WG NA plays an upcoming premium tank (Rheinmetall Skorpion G) that everyone on TAP already knew about? I don’t think so. I just think they had to do it, to show people how the tank destroyer works. I applaud WGNA for generating the much needed hype and playing the tank in random battles so everyone can see how it’s like. WG did generate hype before, so it’s something normal for them to do it again. What happens afterwards? WG gives the Skorpion for free to streamers/youtubers etc for promotion. Nothing out of the ordinary, in my opinion.

If anyone remembers, Quickybaby played the Rheinmetall Skorpion last year at Gamescom, so WG had to show it off too before they released it. It’s the usual routine, as with other new premiums that appeared in the past.

A contest for the tank was announced 2 days ago here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_2lRwV6Kq8 and it was posted that it would be on sale on August 18th here: http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/22/august-overview/

I don’t see promoting/reviewing upcoming content by WG themselves as an NDA break, but as something we should be satisfied with.

I think the WG NA guys do their job well. Especially MeatheadMilitia (he was the one who streamed the tank, generating the „controversy”), he beats everything WG EU has to offer in terms of staff. Even if we don’t post the Focus Friday/WG Wednesday videos, I really like WGNA for trying to appeal to their community, even with all the WG fiascos that made NA lose players.

Stats of the Rhm. Skorpion (from tanks.gg):


DPM: 2,409.84
Damage: 490
Penetration (mm): 246
Reload Time (sec): 12.20
Rate of Fire (rnds/min): 4.92
Aim Time (sec): 2.01
Dispersion (m): 0.29
… moving: 0.26
… tank traverse: 0.26
… turret traverse: 0.16
… after firing: 3
… damaged: 2
Damage vs. Modules: 180
Caliber (mm): 128
Shell Velocity (m/sec): 920
Max Range (m): 720
Ammo Capacity: 30
Shell Cost: 1,070


Top Speed (km/h): 60
Reverse Speed (km/h): 20
Power (hp): 650
Power/Weight (hp/t): 17.13
Tank Traverse (°/sec): 30
Terrain Resistance
… hard: 1.15
… medium: 1.44
… soft: 2.88
Gun Elevation (°): 14
Gun Depression (°): 7
Gun Traverse (°/sec): 26.25
Gun Traverse Range (°): 180 / 180
Turret Traverse (°/sec): 18.77
Load Capacity (kg): 45,000
Total Weight (kg): 37,955
Brake Force: 40,000

Everything Else

Hull Armor (f/s/r mm): 30 / 16 / 20
Turret Armor (f/s/r mm): 0 / 0 / 0
Track Armor (mm): 25
Health: 1,150
Engine Health: 200
Track Health: 220

Ammo Rack Health: 200

View Range (m): 360
Radio Range (m): 417.14
Fire Chance: 20%
Tank Cost: 10,900 Gold

Camo (%): 0 / 0 / 0

Please excuse me if you think this post was a clickbait/useless drama. What is certain is that we can’t just hate WG all the time for no reason. Sorry guys, but I had to post it. Several people demanded it, and I cannot let the voice of a server die.

95 thoughts on “WG NA does a great job!

  1. WAIT. So WG NA had official stream with Skorpion in it? And because of that other WGs tried to make them look bad and NA actually lost some players, because of it?

    Also, please don’t compare anyone or anything to WG EU, unless you are trying to insult someone.

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    1. its from the blog of the girl in her period…or pregnant…hard to tell

      theres a betting poll in off topic NA….well there wall (it got removed)
      71% voted she’s pregnant(jingles breeding program)
      18% voted she’s on her period
      and 11% voted she wants bacon.

      total votes were 32 before the thread got nuked….(gotta enjoy forums before the 5 strike is put into effect tomorrow)

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    2. I will shamelessly reply to myself, since there is no edit button.

      It is actually breaking NDA, even if we saw it with camo, we knew all stats and even knew the date to be sold on RU and EU (I still don’t think EU will stick to this date), probably WG could even fire that guy. But on the other hand this is HUUUUGE promotion to WG NA, Skorpion itself and the guy who’s been streaming, the only one who is losing is THAT blogger. Even though it’s not right, because WG RU and EU didn’t make any videos or streams, WG NA is finishing as a hero for me. If only I had ping under 30ms and less than 1k battles I would already switch the servers.

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    3. Can you not recognize how unfair it is to the CC’s on the EU side who get punished for doing the same thing’s the NA side can do? If you’re trying to grow your fan base, and you’re locked out from showing ships that people CONSTANTLY ask to see, this is a huge frustration. It’s not to say the NA side is “bad”. The EU side just wants consistency across both divisions.

      Full disclosure, I have very little info about all the details/players. I just watched a clip from Jingles expressing his frustrations, and unless he’s just inaccurate about the EU CC’s being punished, I think his argument is valid. I would agree that it would generate more hype to allow these ships to be shown. But let everyone play by the same rules.


      1. Jingles crys like a little bitch him and his lady are a joke WG EU already streamed the tank live with stats and all when they got QB and others to play it and live stream. It is completely hypocrisy from Jingles to whine when about NA leaking the tank when EU leaked it before. To add all you have to do is load tanks.gg or any other tank inspection and you can see the stats, armour layout for yourself. Makes me lol when jingles whines about anything he hardly plays WOT he prefers playing against bots in AW.

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  2. Yeah WG NA are cool. I didn’t know R posted about them, but I heard her bitch about them before, that they lied to CC’s, invited them to some meeting and didn’t let them ask many questions or sth… She’s a whiny bitch and probably doesn’t like them leaking stuff because she’s 2 days/months late on everything and even official NA office posts stuff faster than her :P And when she can’t post leaks because she’s too slow she atleast bashes them so her blog isn’t dead for a week.

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  3. meh i dont care much besides they are part of wg itd be weird if they were subject to the same nda as outside people like youtubers. they work for the dam company so when they get the tank why should they not show it off and get people hyped for it? also looking at these stats this tanks seems pretty decent very powerful gun i reckon a just over 10s reload when fully kitted out extremely quick aim time monster accuracy and good speed but a large profile. seems like a very nice tank and im personally glad they have showed it off because id forgotten about this tank being a thing and figured itd be a cw tank. plus it has the sort of camo that the ripper patton and muts had which im a fan of instead of being a wgl advert like the m41 90 which i still refuse to buy even though ive a strong feeling id love the tank.

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  4. It might be de jure NDA break, prolly. But really WG NA people are awesome bunch doing great job promoting the games and I’m pretty sure most of us on EU would prefer people like them over those them clowns in Paris. Meathead Militia is probably the only WG name/face I can recognize besides the head honchos like SerB, Kislyi, Pasholok.

    Meanwhile on czech wg twitter there was a post cca 2-3 weeks ago about some T15 related thing. Author called it a german tank (fair enough, it’s in german tree) and added a photo of Belgian T15 – a completely different vehicle made by Vickers. gg wg.

    But really, wtf Rita. No wonder Silentstalker starts lurking around again.

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      1. Well, it’s more of a Jingles / WG promo site these days. One thing she still has going for her though is original content from top historians in the community.

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    1. na players were leaving due to WG seeming liek they didn’t listen to playerbase.

      thats when WGNA threw meathead militia’s v blogs out and they were talking about reward tanks( like T-127) that were considered crap. and people realized that meathead militia thought like them, and he made people feel like WG is hearing us, to some extent.

      and he announced upcoming events or upcoming tanks. and gave players context of what to expect.

      so player rage at WG leveled off and NA improved.

      and now Rita is pissy cause…..period or she’s jealous NA has meathead?

      meathead streamed the new tank that was for a contest coming out, and for sale in 11 days.
      maybe Rita’s pissy cause he took her job of announcing events (its not like her blog does much else)

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        1. na. WG didn’t neuter him
          he made people feel like they being heard more.

          and he continues to announce upcoming stuff. but for some reason rita decided that this announcement was “unfair” or “rule breaking” and decided to hate on him.

          he hasn’t done anything wrong. but Rita…….whats a word that starts with B, and is a female dog in heat.

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      1. I read the stuff Sp15 writes up on swedish tanks (im super hype about them getting a tree), not that i wana hate on Rita (so i wont). But if ur guna lambast the NA CC/PR guys, atleast make sure you have the full story before you do it!


  5. Was Generally confused by the whole deal. WGNA did a video basically announcing Hey here is our upcoming premium! and we are going to be giving a few away!

    Then to have this debacle come out, and I was like? They announced something that I think just about everyone knew about, hows it still under NDA?

    Also Common Strv M/42-57! wana start training my damn swede crews already.

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  6. Wow,

    Rita did a bad thing, so strange :) :) :) I love Rita, but she’s doing some bad stuff from time to time. She’s sexy, but she never accepts that she’s wrong nor admits it. Guys, Meathead Militia is a WG employe, meaning it’s his job to do what’s been told to him to do. If WG tells him, to bitch about some tank, he will, you can see that in videos. If WG tells him to show some “secret” tank he will, it is his DUCKING job!!!

    We all know, how much Seb’s in love with Rita, and that he has some awkward ways of showing it to her :) :) :) But Seb, c’mon, why are you pretending this post is NOT just a way to send a message of “love” to Rita? :) :) :)

    This is just like a Mexican/Turkish/indian telenovela with strange and shocking plot, but in the end everything is going to be just fine, Seb and Rita will marry and have a lot’s of WG related blogs, and Victor Kislyi is going to be their best man and we’re all going to get 50 gold for their wedding, if we just play 150 games, and be among first 10 by exp, no double for first victory of the day and premium shit for ranking…

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  7. I don’t like everything about the way Rita runs her blog and I’m not some infatuated white knight feeling the need to defend her actions, but I’d much prefer if this blog would be much less antagonistic with Rita or whoever and I’d prefer the same with Rita’s blog too and just provide the damn info I need to actually know and not the schoolyard like drama and hissy fits.

    The thing with Rita’s post is that she should have explained the issue more in depth or should have just left it at “WG NA went against their own NDA”. Her post probably sounds like an angry person’s post because she probably is angry, as Rita is under the NDA herself.

    Jingles has explained the issue in today’s Mingles with Jingles. It’s not so much about the player’s knowledge about the ships that is the issue with the NDA it’s that community contributors and game journalists and the like get early access to this content and provide feedback to WG while under NDA as the stats are subject to change. They get to prepare their reviews in time for the official release, but if someone breaks the NDA all their work is pretty much wasted or will get much less views as the info is already out for a long time.

    Because of posts like these I much prefer ammorack blog as that focuses on the things peole most care about, tanks/ships in game, history and related cool videos, very similar to how the FTR blog used to be for the most part.

    We don’t need the drama unless it impacts our gaming experience, so pleas leave it out next time.


        1. Încearcă tu să-ți faci blog, să vezi ce ușor e de unul singur. Eu știu de ce cenzurez. Deoarece blogul tău favorit face numeroase greșeli gramaticale. Și copie imediat ce postez eu. În locul meu ce-ai face? Ai lăsa un astfel de om să fie promovat?


          1. Yeah if that were the case, granted it would annoy me too. But I wouldn’t edit people’s comments for mentioning the other blogs unless I would also make damn sure my intention wasn’t misunderstood.

            As a reader, the behind the scenes fights and drama are none of my concern, but if you felt you had to edit then specifying the reason right away for doing so is the polite thing to do and I would have accepted that without further complaint.


      1. Also I do not appreciate you editing my comment to censure the DAILY bounce blog mention. This is the attitude I hate around here. You’re not the only blog and you’re not entitled to my views or my clicking. Provide info on games and stop being assholes.


          1. Outside of spam and abusive comments I don’t the see the need for censoring.

            We are all entitled to our own opinions and if we can’t express them without having them edited and spun in the way you want it then all of the discussion here is potentially worthless and completely irrelevant to whether I am entitled or not to comment.

            I feel there’s too much drama and antagonism in this community (WOT community), in the game, on the blogs, in the comments. It’s really starting to get on my nerves.


            1. It’s his blog, he can edit comments because it’s his blog. Whether you comment or not, is totally your right.

              I will talk to Seb and I will try to persuade him to reverse the action.

              People post TAP on Rita’s blog and their comments were deleted in some cases.

              I don’t really care for drama, I find it interesting.

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                1. Insult your work, where? I only said you and Rita focus too much on the drama which is hardly an insult and you also take jabs at each other.

                  Yeah I recommended the other site, I don’t know if your accusations to it or not and if it is then that only means I have reasons to dislike all of the current big WOT English blogs.


    1. That is all true, except for one small detail: ALL of WarGaming’s regional offices work on different time-schedules. I haven’t seen that entitled brat making any sort of fuss over leaks from the RU-server, because… reasons? If there`s any sort of blame to put anywhere, it’s the head-office itself, as it doesn’t bring all servers to a similar schedule. The fact of the matter is, the Scorpion is out on NA TODAY and they have all the right in the fucking world, to make THEIR customers interested in THEIR stuff. Accusing WGNA of breaking their own NDAs is beyond retarded at this point in time and if she feels that the NA schedule is hampering her work, then she should talk to WGEU and not be a condescending bitch to WGNA.

      Besides, the WGNA is doing a great job at interacting with their customers. WGEU needs someone like Meathead, instead of WGNA loosing someone like him because some entitled brat in the UK gets her panties wet about some non-issue.

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      1. I have went to the NA premium shop and the Skorpion is nowhere to be found, so it’s not out today.

        NA is good at PR, but I don’t think they’re good at much else. EU is not that good at PR and are a bit disjointed as they have many non-english communities to deal with, but they organize plenty of fun events. RU seems to be the most communicative but it’s in Russian. SEA seems nonexistent.


    2. “Jingles has explained the issue in today’s Mingles with Jingles” did he fuck he was trying to protect his bitch, both you are jingles are ignorant of the fact that WG EU already leaked the tank and already had their CC’s stream it jump off you white knight horse. Rota and jingles have fuck all right to moan WG EU leaked it first they often leak things before NA you don’t see their CC’s whining like little bitches. As for drama that’s ironic coming from someone who reads her blog which is full of period shite.

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  8. I actually do not care about this whole thing but saw that this post got 40 comments overnight, so I decided to chek it. And man, was it worth it! XD
    I had a rough day yesterday but those comments, especially the one piro made, oh my lol, they made my day! :D

    I’m glad I decided to check in.
    Oh, and Seb, you promised me something~!

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  9. may i present Rita’s “i lost but refuse to admit it so i’m gonna pretend i never cared” escape.


    Rita ACTUALLY thinks that simply “Adding G to the end of the name” makes it a different tank and thus demonizes WGNA in a way that is “unforgivable”

    someone tell rita that the stats are in the GAME CLIENT.

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        1. all i can say about this is
          “hi pot meet kettle. your both black”
          she’s twisting all of this to her ends, and we twisting the holes in her argument to our end(aka she has no proof of what she says)

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            1. Way to take the quality of discussion way up. I can’t imagine a more intelligent, well thought out, non-idiotic/pre-pubescent comment you could have posted. 10/10.


              1. She’s a woman, and half of them either all over the place or change mind every now and then.
                Not an assumption but a personally observed fact.


    1. She didn’t like the facts, so walked away from the conversation knowing she was wrong.

      15 May 2015 she was happy to leak the tank from RU super test server leak (the irony that she’s whining about NDA’S) http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/rheinmetall-skorpion-on-supertest.html?m=1

      WG EU invites CC to live stream from gamescom, and they play the Scorpion https://youtu.be/uhckicy2814

      August 2015 WG EU CC does a video review (as do others) https://youtu.be/_1zrhWTma6k as did many WG EU CC’s

      How can it be that WG EU are allowed to do all this an entire year prior to WG NA according to rita NA are wrong for notifying players of upcoming premium tank hahahaha such ridiculous hypocrisy……!

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        1. I blame Jingles’s genetic material, it probably makes her go mad
          “Also dont you find highly dubious when a WG employee with a donation bar on his stream uses official WoT’s social media to boost his channel while he is streaming with those tanks? That’s another point that should be taken in consideration.”
          Like the guy doesn’t make enough money or needs million people on his stream, because streams with <200ppl are totally not the best. Right. Oh yes, and he totally was advertising his stream, not the tank. His stream….. Not… Tank…… BRB, commiting sudoku.

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          1. JIBLEGS – bring back saxsan4!

            Lol, somethings not right with her and WGNA – couldnt name one reason why to even hate NA if you are not from there :D

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