WoT Blitz – Valkyria Chronicles Collaboration

WoT Blitz introduces tanks from the anime series “Valkyria Chronicles”. On the official Twitter some screens of the new tanks were posted, with the text „soon”. Now we wait for them.


37 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – Valkyria Chronicles Collaboration

      1. Can’t agree more. Looks like an infestation of anime/manga/hentai crap. WoWs has the ARP trash. Blitz gets the gay chronicles shit and perhaps WoT will end up with some similar trash as well.


      1. I grew up watching the “Dragon Ball” series, as I grew older I found more about the series origin and tried to watch some anime
        my first experiences with anime were: Dragon Ball, Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin), Naruto, Nodame Cantabile and Valkyria Chronicles, because of that I’m kinda “happy” to see WG bringing some of that to the attention of WoT players
        I know most people despise Anime but that simply because they don’t know a single thing about the “true” Anime, they take some bad examples of some commercial products and group it together with real Anime, afterall you can’t forget that some Anime movies have even been nominated for OSCARs

        regarding Valkyria, the role of the tank in the series is sort of like a “wonder weapon” and doesn’t have many similarities to real life tank warfare, but the story itself is pleasent to watch because it’s not filled with cliche developments where you see the good guys in a pinch and they always come up on top of things

        in fact so far WG has only worked with “True Anime” products wich don’t rely on the things that usually give westerners a bad impression of Anime (because they group together over-publicized animations that can’t sell itself by it’s own plot and serious Anime with serious stories or simply with many fans worldwide of it’s game or printed versions, like Naruto or Dragon Ball for example) and I think that someday they might even do the same with “Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri” simply because it’s a good story with a mix of ancient culture (heavily influenced by ancient Rome and Greece) as well as current culture and some mythology, it’s a sci-fi work where Japanese soldiers use normal/current military tactics to make the difference in a world where people can use magic (somehow I think “Stargate” had some influence in the criation of such story)

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        1. Hey. My first anime was Kyoro Chan (after early childhood Pokemon). I loved that and I miss it. Shaman King was aired in Romania too, loved it! Saw the original DB too 6 years ago


          1. I also watched Pokemon but a little later than my childood since there’s a 10 year gap between me and my oldest cousin and while babysitting I would end up watching to keep an eye on them, also Digimon or Yu-gi-oh that aired around the same time

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              1. it’s true, there’s plenty of good works in Anime, usually based on popular Manga (original printed versions, similar to DC or Marvel but sometimes better) with good stories, it’s just that most people don’t know about them

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        2. Quality Anime? Yeah please tell me about it! My take on OP animes: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Legend of Galactic Heroes, Parasyte. I even watched arpeggio, was okayish but with a little to much pedo-girl-stuff going on.


  1. I typically hate stuff like this, but, unhistorical or not, I like how that tank looks…
    I’d actually be a bit sad if it’s Blitz only, ‘specially since console lost all immersion ages ago anyway.

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      1. Fair enough, yeah… Being hopeful! I love the ‘mini KT / E-79’ look of the 2nd one.
        My worry is that xbox probably wont get it, as we didnt get any previous ‘anime tanks’
        Cant say I care much about the other ‘anime tank(s)’ though… But they arent as bad as the holiday tanks


  2. I have no idea what that tank or anime is, so, would someone please tell me what sort of vehicles we see on the pictures?


    1. Valkyria chronicles is originally a play station 2 strategy rpg game. It was very succesfull and won a lot of awards it released afaik around 2008, in the end od 2015 the game finally came to PC on steam.

      There is an anime made from the game with the samw story. It plays in an alternative Europe with fictional countries.
      The story is very good worth to try the game or watch the anime.

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    2. The lighter blue tank is the experimental vehicle ‘edelweiss’ (elder white) it was custom designed by the protagonists farther (a heroic general) and is one of the best tanks seen (short of the huge batomys or the land battleship ‘marmota.)
      It is armed with an 88mm L/40 cannon and a top speed of 60km/h with 25hp/t
      it also only has two crew due to it’s fully automatic loading system

      The second vehicle is called the ‘Nameless tank’ as it was used by the penal division ‘nameless’
      it has a top speed of 50km/h and was built by Bergolt and Theimer (same as the edelweiss.)

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  3. If this is “historically accurate”, would the tank explode when I shoot at the ‘please shoot me here’ energy generator in the rear?

    Valkyria Chronicles is more game than anime, btw. I’d like to play this tank on PC as long as it has special MM (only seeing themselves –basically a fun mode), as seeing them roaming along with RL tanks would be weird.

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    1. Well, with all the paper projects, does it really make that much difference… I mean those tanks have fairly realistic designs based on actual tanks, they wouldn’t stand out unless they get too cartooney skins.

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      1. Yes, to me, it would matter a lot, if those ugly tanks got into the normal gamemodes.
        Even tanks like the WT auf E100 don’t look that unrealistic.

        Get them a seperate gamemode or – even better – just leave that crap in Blitz.


          1. Could ask you the same, since it’s not me, who want’s these ugly hentai-tanks ingame.

            You know. The WT at least >could< have been planned this way. Those two "tanks" don't have anything to do with WWII or reality.


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