WGL North America Silver Series

tl;dr: No more prizes!

Announcing the New WGLNA Silver Series

Our new global partners ESL will be working together with us this year and helping to oversee our WGL series of leagues.
With that comes some changes. There will no longer be a separate Bronze and Silver League but instead
ESL has designed and set loose a new tournament setup for the Silver level of competition to all players to participate in.

This setup allows for any teams to join in with a more open style whether you were previously in a league or not and participate over the course of a few weeks time.
Teams will play in group stage play (round robin groups) over the course of 3 weeks each month
Top teams at the end of each month cycle will be added to a playoff for that month.

At the end of 2 months the top teams from both months will play in a finals playoff series and the winner will claim a spot in the next season of the Gold League for WGLNA.

This spot in the gold league will be the only prizing at this time for the series. 

Below are the Tournament Page, the Rules page and the Registration and Support page links

All teams and players that are not in the Gold League for WGLNA may sign up for this series. Even if you were in the Silver or Bronze previously you MUST register again now.

You will need to register on the http://play.eslgaming.com/ site to participate and your team captain must register your team and have you join

Tournament Page and Registration

Rules Page

Support Page

Ruukil which some of you may know will be your head league operations admin from ESL side.

Him and his team will be  overseeing the progression of this series during this next year.

He will be available for contact or you can use the support page link above with questions

I know these are big changes may come as a surprise and as Garth put it way back when “we fear change”