WoWS Q&A – 6th August 2016

Thanks to Babykim (EU)

On the proliferation of aimbot on the RU server (food for thought)

As you may know, Lesta constantly fights the use of aimbot on the Russian cluster. They fortified the client against unwanted modifications, used server statistics to find the cheaters, etc. They had “public prosecution” by coloring cheaters nicknames in brown, and, of course, bans.

Vallter_ has mentioned that 508 users on the RU server have received a permanent ban for cheating. The Russian community demands the names to be revealed, which Lesta is reluctant to do.

One user sent Vallter_ the list of top 1000 players according to the ProShips ranking, a kind of XVM, asking to reveal how many top players have been banned.

According to Vallter_, of the top 1000 players 39 have been permanently banned, or nearly 4 percent.


5 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – 6th August 2016

  1. The most insipid mod, in my opinion, is the mod that tells you just where to send your torpedo bombers so they arm just before hitting the target, giving the least amount of time to react.

    There’s absolutely nothing you can do about that, if an enemy CV has that one.

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    1. THis one is terrible. And guess what, its now automated fully with bots.

      I see a guy around who is top of NA who plays Saipan only and im sure he uses this. Im not saying he isnt great anyways, but it enables him to have those 3 drops almost instantly at just the right time.

      This mod also allows for a delay so when BB`s use there Reps your next bomber lands just after its cooldown.


  2. I have never been brave enough to use a aim bot and my shooting is crap. I use fade mini map and other mods but don’t feel I need to cheat to win. I would rather work my way to a being a better player.
    it can be very frustrating at times.

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    1. TBH “Aim Assist” is crap without a already great player.

      Guys overhype it because they feel like if they could use it they would be Purples, but let me just tell you how wrong they are.

      Both WOT and WOWS is 90% decisions before actual shooting. Infact I know many purples who I outshoot easily, but they are so good at forward thinking and never getting in a bad spot they rarely need to land crazy shots that I do to get great results.

      If you simply play your ship the exact way it should be, and you stay alive till the stupid players who would have forced you to lose HP killing them ar dead, you can do great and most fighting Mid-End game isnt the first guy who gets lit insta pops. It is usually a lot more 1 v1 2 v 2`s

      “Aim Assist” [Not aimbot as it doesnt autoaim like WOT] Simply tells you where the enemy will be in 5-10 secs. The player still has to shoot at the right spot anticipating his targets movements etc.

      There are many many more game breaking mods like Carrier Drop mods that auto release bombs within 1- ms of the perfect time to get 90% perfect frops everytime. Meaning 2 fires per drop or 4-5 torp hits per ship[. Put a guy in a Saipan that has hugely fast ships with fast torps and huge bombs and its GG


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