Dunkerque (Tier 6 French Premium BB) Pic


24 thoughts on “Dunkerque (Tier 6 French Premium BB) Pic

  1. Depending on the price, that’s a buy from me.

    All guns in 2 forward facing turrets, on a fast BB is exactly the sort of aggressive BB that’s suited for me.


    1. Which means if you get 1 turret knocked out you’re automatically down to 50% combat capability, which is classified as combat ineffective.


      1. Except that each turret was divided in two, for just that reason. I quote,

        “The biggest drawback of the quadruple turret was that a single unlucky shot that immobilized one of the turrets would effectively put half the main artillery out of action. So the French quadruple turrets of both the Dunkerque and Richelieu-class battleships were divided internally to localize damage,[29] and this was proved effective when Dunkerque, at Mers-el-Kebir, was stricken by a 381 mm shell on the upper 330 mm turret, which put out of action only the right-half turret.”

        They other half of the turret continued firing…and remained fully operational.


        1. And you think they made it ingame? Would be good, but I doubt. They can’t make turret catapults “because of engine”, the AA on gun turrets started working just 2 patches ago… Well, still there’s hope they could divide the turrets into halves ingame…


  2. It’s odd that they put this in the same tier as mid war design USN battleships. I would have thought the Dunk to be a tier 8 minimum.


    1. Nah, scharnhorst was i believe designed to counter this and it is tier 7 I think. The Jean Bart I would think be max tier 8


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