New Author for The Armored Patrol

I’m your new author, soviettenkdestroyer. Hopefully, I can post around 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time when Seb is asleep. I’ll be posting articles about WoT and tank history. Please accept me ;_;

Edit: New article is coming soon of an unorthodox weapon.

Second Edit: I also have better taste in music than Seb :P


71 thoughts on “New Author for The Armored Patrol

      1. But… but… Woras is the blog’s official troll! Tenky, why do you want to disappoint me right in the first few hours of you working here?

        Also, I don’t quite get what you are saying. You are ’employed’ by Seb because Ritard realized that she needs actual authors who do something on her personal life blog?
        Or what now?

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        1. In Rita’s re-post of the Swedish article, she said that she is too busy and is hiring two new authors to help her.

          Seb thought he needed to crank up the production a bit and hired me to compete when he is not around.

          In a sense, she does need actual authors to finally do something.

          Woras is the unofficial blog troll, but better :P

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          1. Just out of curiosity, why is that Ritard alwayssays that she is too busy? Like, seriosuly, the fuck she is doing??

            I left her personal life blog because of this reason, this all makes me quite upset.

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              1. She wants to quit? I approve this idea!
                Yes, in fact, I would like Woras to go ahead and tell people that Ritard quits blogging!
                Why, you might ask? Well, two reasons.
                First is that Woras is a well known troll from the FTR times, so people won’t necessarily believe him.
                Second reason is that maybe Ritard needs just this little push to actually quit!

                Yes, Woras, make us proud!

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                    1. Well it’s not like Rita is much of a competition anyway, her blog is pretty deaded, and there are other blogs too. And people like Wookie :P


                  1. Actually… you are right… without competition, people tend to boast in their fame and give no fucks about others. A-lá WG in the past 3 years, before they realized how much they fucked up.

                    I do believe we reached an impasse. :|


              2. Y’all should leave the poor lass alone. Do you have any idea how hard it is to stay in front of a webcam, begging people to give you money so that you can keep being a „professional gamer“ instead of having to go to a normal job like all the brainwashed slaves? Especially in this patriarchal, chauvinist pig-male dominated society, where quality of content is more important than gender justice.

                And on other news, now we have STD and Ritard doesn’t. Does she?

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                1. I thought you were serious for a second.

                  Anyways, I don’t want anything to do with Ritard after she tried slander me with claims that I “harassed” her that she said to one of my friends. I haven’t once insulted her in front of her face nor ever until now.

                  I tried to contact her for my Romanian tank content to garner support, but I guess for now one it is a TAP exclusive.

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            1. if you want to know why rita always says she’s too busy just subscribe to Jingles, from comic conventions (comicons) to museum events or even events “sponsered” by WG like the last weekend Dorset Armour Embarkation Parade

              she has been doing a lot of these, on the other hand she was never someone who wrote historical articles and just “took over” SilentStalker “role” of Q&A translator, because of that she was always dependent of someone actually contacting her and asking if she wanted to post their articles


                1. so? there’s “room” for everyone and she never claimed to be a source of historical content, it’s already good enough that there are people out there capable of doing it and there’s no need to compete like “x is better than Y”
                  like you there’s also others like those who wrote tons of articles for FTR, some of them are even involved in digging for data on other possible trees like the Swedish
                  what matters is the quality of the content and if we can get high quality content from several sources it’s even better

                  P.S: I’m new here and don’t really know how you guys work but even if I went from FTR to RSR for the Q&A it doesn’t mean I came here with pre-established ideas that I wouldn’t find at least as good or even better content here because that’s not really what matters, what matters is that there are people seriously working on those being it either here or any other blog


  1. better taste in music? prove it.

    also warning ahead of time, i might hold a grudge against you for being named “soviet”
    die commie Dx *throws spear at you* …..oh right tanks…..*goes looking for an explosive tipped spear*

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    1. If it makes you feel any better, It originally meant destroyer of Soviet tanks, the meaning changed to tank destroyer that is Soviet.

      I don’t listen to one genre of music or music in-general, but when I do, I listen to this.

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      1. ok cool off with the music vids before i start posting MLP music.

        no seriously. i’ll post Apples to the Core, Winter Wrap up, Discord, and Love is in Bloom.

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