Upcoming Chinese TDs?

Source: Zesshin, Wotlabs

WG China just posted a new article on WeChat (FB equivalent) in which they claimed that according to unofficial sources the Chinese tier 10 TD will be based on the 113 chassis. The article included some stats, a few screenshots and a the vehicle description:

Description: In consideration for potential future armored vehicle threats, the Chinese Army developed a Tank Destroyer based on the 113 chassis. The plans were ultimately shelved due to the cancellation of the 113 heavy tank project.

Health: 2000

Horsepower: 750HP

Weight:47 tons

Horsepower/Ton:15.95 hp/t

Top Speed:45/15 km/h

Traverse Speed:30 deg/s

View Range:380


Gun:152 mm 59-152TJ





Reload Time:15.7894


Aim Time:2.1





If anything, this looks like a tier 10 ISU. Given that this is the Chinese server, even if it looks fake it might get implemented (just like the 59-Patton and the 121B). As you can imagine the Chinese players are very excited. At least it certainly looks interesting.

Seb’s note: Do not expect this abomination on RU/NA/EU/ASIA. At least for now. The chance of it appearing in WoT right now is 20-30%.


39 thoughts on “Upcoming Chinese TDs?

  1. it looks like crap
    why play it over 268? or 263? or for that matter. obj 704.

    with its armor layout, gun depression, and such…its once again a nerfed russian thrown into chinese line.

    at least the 121b was actually a good tank……it can duel any tier 10 1 on 1 due to that 130mm plate xD

    *goes back to tryin to fix the hellcat*

    you know…its funny…..when a russian tank is released, it looks OP as hell. when a new tech tree is released, 1-2 tanks in the tech tree look OP as hell.

    but when it comes to chinese……they’ve never looked OP. is soviet russia still a little mad at china for not meeting its own fate?

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      1. meh. China>Russia any day.

        after all, what does russia give the world xD

        *looks up from hellcat* …..not even the 76mm makes this tank good. that gun handling modifier is on par with tier 10 ARTILLERY…. wow WG hates america.

        ….no wonder WoT NA is dying
        oh right….better send that video to seb…

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              1. did u mean can’t? sorry hard to tell if you refering to AW or WoT xD

                and during prime time on WoT yeah we can get full battles in all tiers.
                but outside of prime time, you’ll see the server pop drop to 7k. thats 7k for 2 servers. usually 5k east, 2k west.

                WG needs to hurry up with the PvE =/ wont have pop for PvP much longer xD

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    1. The 113 is a fast heavy, quite easilly gets to its top speed and keps it, this looses 5kmh top speed due to being 2.5t heavier, but I really hope it doesn’t get terrible ground resistance values too, because then it will probably just be a worse obj. 268.


  2. Oh, how lovely! Yet another failed Chinese cloning experiment! As if we didn’t have enough Russian clones already…

    Anyway, it looks like a modified SU-152 to me… In fact, it is the lovechild of a SU-152 and an Obj.704. Which they had to sell into Chinese slavery for food. :)
    Isn’t it just beautiful?

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        1. Japanese arties?
          I dig this idea! What would be their speciality, I wonder? Perhaps, incredible range? I’m thinking of naval artillery guns now, of course.


  3. No…I dont believe it ,because the “WG China”(actually WG dont have a department in China mainland) made a Tier 10 LT before(and it’s a fake).It’s easy to make a fake model and use it as a vehicle mod replace any tanks and make a screenshot.
    and this stats… *face plam

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  4. (person 1) hey i just had a great idea
    (person 2) yeah what is it?
    (person 1) lets take a 113 and make it a td
    (person 2) yes thats a genius idea
    (person 2) shall we make use of the tank great front armour sloping?
    (person 1) nah too much effort to redesign just copy and past the isu152 superstructure and meld them together quick and easy

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  5. 1. There is no such thing as WG China – Laws in this country forbid foreign companies from running online games in mainland China. For now, its Kongzhong running WoT in China, contracted with Wargaming.
    2. Kongzhong really screws with community effort. For example, WeChat. Few other articles than trash ads luring people into payment do exist there, like copied “guides” from tomato-infested forums, or nonsense “historical” things which gained much popularity among ill-educated wehraboo people. Whatever they publish, it doesn’t have to mean anything related to the gameplay itself. On the contrary side, thing like 59-Pat, or 121B never appeared on chinese sources prior than being offered in “supertest vehicles’ sale”. Perhaps Kong’s developers never made any contact with their PR colleagues.
    3. Kongzhong simply isn’t capable of implementing vehicles from ground-up, on their own. So, when new chinese vehicle comes, its coming to everyone unless WG really hesitates. Huge crashfest has occured before, because WG fixed SD model of Type 59 but forgot to update texture of its GOLDEN brother. I suppose Kong could only report to WG and wait for Minsk to update it for them, otherwise it won’t take so much time.

    About this ugly ISU-ish hybrid 113 thing? I didn’t really found anyone excited with such useless piece of tier10. That’s it.

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  6. First came into my mind is this looks 100% BS and won’t even make into the CN server. 112/3 is Kongzhong pulling out from their ass by claiming they are some extended project from WZ-111, which the truth is the Chinese don’t have enough resource to built WZ-111’s components and opt for the T-54A(Type 59) production is much easier.

    Till the late 80s, PRC wasn’t able to produce some good artillery guns so projects like this is pretty much not possible.

    And to be fair, 121B is one of the more historical accurate chinese tanks, that’s basically a Type 69/79. Thx to Kongzhong mislead majority by the wrong description for the tank.

    The following is Konzhong’s description for 121B:

    In english is roughly means “China tries to improve the 121 at the 60’s, and what’s different from 121 to 121B is it has a more modern 105mm rifle gun, modified suspension and thicker frontal armor. Also IR searchlight and laser rangefinder is installed, so the fire control is superior to the Type 59”

    IRL is Type 69(WZ-121) retained the 100mm rifled gun and using a IR searchlight that’s similar from T-62 that’s captured during Damansky Island conflict. PLA is still not satisfied with Type 69’s performance, and is not until the 80s the Chinese get their hands on the old western technology such as 105mm L7. So KZ’s description is nowhere close to the truth.


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