Supertest: Changed Stalingrad & Kharkov Pictures

It is not known whether they will arrive as completely new maps, or just changes of the current locations. Everything depends on the test results.


14 thoughts on “Supertest: Changed Stalingrad & Kharkov Pictures

  1. “My bet is on rework of map. It would be weird to have two same maps with same climate, just that one is whiter.”

    Well just look at WoT now.


      1. I didn’t really like Kharkov because of the shape, it meant most fights were at really short distances and that you didn’t really know what around the corner. Like you go through street, it looks empty and bam – at the end 5 tanks sitting, doing nothing. Well except shooting you obviously :)

        Stalingrad was ok IMO gameplay wise (could use some tweaking but that applies to every map in the game) but it was always lagging. Like the performance drops were too big and it was on probably every PC that I’ve seen.


    1. me either – both maps were fine. Was refreshing to see them since they nerfed the chance of the MM choosing them. People moan “corridor map blah blah, arty moan they can’t hit shit” but so what? The enemy are in your face – no need for scouts, TDs, get in the fight, and arty miss most shots. Perfect ;)


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