Video: Dorset Armour and Embarkation Parade

A reader (Mark) sent me this video. Apparently this event is WG sponsored. You can see several tanks, trucks and AFVs on the move. Too bad there are not too many events in my area.


5 thoughts on “Video: Dorset Armour and Embarkation Parade

  1. I see “Rita and Jingles” having fun in the vehicle at 2.37 into video. looks like they all had a great time. thanks for the upload


  2. Where are the UK vehicles? It’s all US stuff… would rather see cromwells, matilda’s, crusaders and firefly’s then those sherman’s you see everywhere..

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    1. if you saw the recent Mingles w/ Jingles vid, he mentioned there was a Bedford truck which appears at this vid at 4:20.
      The US just built so much more stuff that it completely dwarfed the industrial capacity of nearly all other countries


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