TAP’s still here

I’m gonna post very soon. Sorry for being away today. There will always be articles, even for slow days!

Turtle Power!

24 thoughts on “TAP’s still here

      1. Huh. Why is it that I simply don\’t like this decade music at all? Seriously, days of early heavy metal and NWOBHM were the best for me. From nowadays music I \”listen\” only to Těžkej Pokondr :/

        1. Well it depends. In the last 20-25 years no good genre was invented, core and shit like that is unlistenable. But there are still bands playing old music nowadays and creating good content, they are just under the radar.

            1. Tech and trends change faster than decades – 5 years ago music was different than it is now.
              Earlier times maybe – slower change of styles.
              Now? Goddamn it!

              1. I still see it as this decade, which it is and which I simply don\’t like . Of course, if Iron Maiden throws uo new album (minus Book of Souls), then I\’ll listen to it and will probably like it. But stuff like Wiz Khalifa or this Party\’s simply no no for me.

                1. You cant really compare 2001 with 2009 😀 As youtube was born 2005 – thats why its 5-year cycle 😀

                    1. Anyways, remember what ruskies say and Imma fuck off from this discussion 😀

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