9.15.1: New Start-up Screen

Now the grand total is brought to 35 such screens.


14 thoughts on “9.15.1: New Start-up Screen

    1. It really does look like the Czech variant, the front of the turret is that ‘welded’ or whatever. The fugly one.


      Well, at least the image itself looks okay.


    1. I find this strange, I don’t get that vid you talk about, while my buddy does.
      I was trying to find a button that enables it, but to no avail. He runs the same SD client as I do, though his machine is stronger than mine.

      How can one get that vid?…


      1. Maybe it is related to HW. Recently I got my ntb back (pretty ol’ n’ shity, but still better than my placeholder), where there was the video. There’s just bunch of pics on the worse computer.


  1. do any of these “start up screens” have a destroyed russian tank in them? i’ve seen some destroyed germans, british, etc. but havent seen a russian thats destroyed….

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    1. That can be disabled in top right corner to get back to these static screens. Feels like with video enabled game was starting a little bit longer for me.


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