9.15.1 Patch Info

– The next patch will enable to buy personal reserves;
– There is a new clicking animation on the redrawn minimaps;
– The new Swedish premium is supposed to be sold during the summer already and won’t have an autoloader;
– Some interface elements were updated;


29 thoughts on “9.15.1 Patch Info

      1. I would rather they stop selling things that actually help in the battle(ammo, camo, consumables).
        Reserves just give you a boost which is harmless.


        1. Well, harmless… I saw people with 3k battles and 2 tier 10’s already. Not rerolls, 45%-ers. That is not someone you want to meet when playing Tier 10 tanks. Faster grinding is not that healty for WoT.
          It is indeed healty for WG’s wallet though.


          1. Average grind to one tier 10 is 1400 battles which is 700 K xp if u average 500 xp per game which isn’t nothing impossible mainly when u have a prem acc….


            1. Well yeah but someone with that little experience is just bad for high tier gameplay. And if you add the XP reserves and possibly some credit reserves/prem account or prem tank…. New players can get to tier 10 way too quickly.


              1. Because there are no tards with 10K+ battles that have no damn clue on how to play.
                Tards are on all tiers, so might as well accept it.
                Pay2win crap is something that they actually can fix.


  1. Swedish line already this year? Kinda surprised.
    Will the higher tiers also be med tanks? Was expecting the tier X to be the S-tank, which seems like it would be a WoT heavy.

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        1. It would make more sense to be a medium, since it doesnt have that good of an armour layout and was made to compete with centurions, leopards and pattons.


  2. Aww, and I was hoping for a mini-AMX 13 (half the clip size)… eh, so long as the DPM is good (as in, better than the Firefly’s due to the penetration difference) and the speed is a little better than before, I suppose it’ll be a nice little crewtrainer for Sweden until the full tree comes (hopefully with more than just one line, this time around [cough TDs & MTs, maybe even HTs?]).


      1. That’d at least put it on-par with the AC IV Experimental speed-wise, so I think that’d make a lot of sense. Now, it just needs a little DPM compensation (less pen & gun depression than the AC IV) and it’ll be set!

        …er, or they could give it the autoloader with an improved reload. Personally leaning towards that option, as it’d make for a much more interesting premium IMO (as I mentioned somewhere else).


  3. Unhistorical camoflauge… well i honestly expected as much from WG but im still let down they didnt listen to their swedish experts and just made something up instead.

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  4. I still think the Strv. will need a RoF buff to compete with the other Tier 6 premiums.

    Other then that, the tank looks very capable. Thinking about it, the choice to go with the non-autoloader is a good one. Most of the Swedish tree will not have autoloaders (atleast what we believe will make up the tree) and being that this tank is meant as a crew trainer, it makes more sense not to have it.


    1. Unless they changed it, the vehicle still has no Loader (the Commander has that role). So crew training makes no argument for the non-autoloading gun..
      If you’re talking about playstyle, then yes the non-autoloader gun would fit better… but I’m pretty sure it’s unhistorical


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