Murazor Q&A – 11th May 2016

Thanks to Radu, he was quite overwhelmed with Russian slang on this one.

-any buff to Obj 430?
no buffs planned, replacement possible.

– players complained that Premium shells for WZ111 and IS6 cost different.
The shells cost is balanced after their effectiveness.

-are they planning to nerf the view range of tier 9 and 10 MT? All tanks are subject of Global rebalance.

-Are there any plans for a tier 8 British Premium tank?
No such plans

-will Rheinmetall Skorpion arrive this year in premium shop?

– I would like to see the old maps that I really miss, and not just me is it going to be?
It may be a remake of some maps.

+/-1 Tiers?
There will not be +/-1 but something else.

-Some time ago I read on the forum about a TD based on MAUS, are there plans for this Tank?
There are no plans for it, not even sure such project existed.

– Murazor, on many videos you spoke about Trophy tanks like captured KV2 by germans. Will these tanks exists or not?
Maybe in the future.

-Obj 140 HD anytime soon?
No plans for that.

-Murazor is working in cooperation with the game’s Balancing team.

-Is the Havok completely abandoned? Why so silent?
Can’t say nothing new about Havok

-Where is 9.15?

-Will there be any changes to IS-3A, autoloader like in Blitz?
We haven’t considered this yet

– What don’t you like at Panther 8.8? It is even better then the regular version.
The gun depression is very bad.

-why Obj 416 has such expensive shells? Normal fee for tier 9 gun.

What can you say about Panther 2? It gets ammoracked very often.
Panther 2 is historically correct.

-Do we have any chance to see Kanonenjagdpanzer?
Very unlikely.

-Anton Pankow said that on May 10 2016 will be news for balance 2.0. Did you change your mind?
Will have to ask Anton.

-Is There any chance for the T-50-2 to appear again on the PC version, at least in the form of bonuses?
I don’t think so.

-When the female voices will arrive? The new sound Engine permits it, what is so complicated?
In fact, with the female voice acting is very comical situation, but I can not talk about that.

-People asked for experience for tanking, and you introduce more experience in platooning. Where is the logic?
Two completely different features. My personal opinion is that the extra experience for platooning is too much.

-Murazor is not a Community Manager but to interact with users is one of his tasks

-Any buff to 113 armor? It is possible once it turns in HD.

-In The balance 2.0 will be “Nerfing performance characteristics”?
Not only.

-Will There be the 5 Tier chi-nu-kai buffed?
I do not like it, but it’s more than well.

-Sta2 buff of shell speed? The penetration is very good, The Shell speed will not be touched.

-What about the French tank with 250mm and weighting 70 tonnes?

What do you think about WT-E100 ? Global rebalance and release it as a Tier 8 Premium?
Of course it will be a premium tier 8, with the current performance characteristics, for 10.000 $

-Global Rebalance will bring us back to the good old times where everything was fine? Were there such times?

-Will the cupola armor of T110E4 be buffed? and what is the difference between it and T110E3 in real life? There is not any difference…these 2 tanks are made just on paper.