[War Thunder] T26E4 Super Pershing: Under a Panther Mask

War Thunder has confirmed another new vehicle to be introduced in Update 1.57.  This time, much to everyone’s surprise, it’s a regular heavy tank available for research in US main tech tree, and it’s the T26E4 Super Pershing!

The American M26 Pershing was deemed insufficient to counter the newly developed German armors, such as Tiger II (H) and Jagdtiger, as it lacked protection and weapon performance. As a result, in January 1945, a T26E1 Pershing was rearmed with a new 90 mm Gun T15E1 L/73, directly developed from 90 mm M3. The tank itself was redesignated as T26E1-1 after receiving the new gun.
Because of the sheer gun weight, the rear part of the turret had a counterweight welded on. But since it was still too heavy, coil springs were placed on top of the turret that allow the tank to balance its weight during firing.

Army Ordnance Department didn’t want to lose their fresh prototype during its first combat trial. And so, after arriving at Europe, it was field modded by the maintenance unit before being assigned to one of the tank crews of the Third Armored Division.
2x 38 mm thick boiler plates were reinforced to the front hull, and an 88 mm RHA plate was welded in front of its turret, taken from a knocked out panther (literally “Under a Panther Mask”).

The heavy T26E4 Super Pershing, armed with very powerful gun which extends out from the vehicle for over 4 meters, will take its place in the heavy US tank line at rank IV, right before T32. This tank is sure to be liked by all fans of American armoured vehicles. Look for the T26E4 Super Pershing on the battlefields of War Thunder in update 1.57. See you there!
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Yes, it’s literally a regular heavy tank, not premium medium tank. (CipherN)