Gathered from the forums. Please excuse the grammar mistakes (if there are still any left). The questions were originally put in the Twitch chat.

Can you share technologies?
– No, but you can build and give equipment to others.
Are there stances/dispositions for Convoy Raiding Submarines to dictate when they take too much damage and return home?
– Yes
I wanna ask if we can win war with GBR through starvation?
– Not really, no. But you can make it easier to defeat them by starving them.
Will it be easy to make mods for this game to add variety?
– The game will follow the same model as our previous games.
Is it possible to go fascist as America?
– Yes
Any plans for a leader designer or ‘make your own leader’ tool?
– Not at this time. Maybe some day.
Can you create puppet states like nazi france for example?
– You can release countries that exist in the game as puppets. But you can’t create new ones. There are events for certain sitauations like Vichy France for example.

How did trotsky actually overthrow stalin? :0 event/coup? or can a player hoose?
– If the USSR doesn’t go for the Purge national focus, there is a risk of the Trotsky coup event to trigger which will replace Stalin with Trotsky.
How’s the BETA testing going? Just a quick comment like “It’s going well” would make everyone happy
– It’s coming along nicely :)
Can you attack naval units with land units. E.g. to block suez canal?
– If you control the land provinces surrounding a straight, it should be mostly blocked for enemies.
Is there attrition in the game?
– Yes.
I can play with any nation?
– Yes
What negative bonuses are there made for occupied territory (as in such as in hearts of iron 3 there would be an IC penalty)
– That depends on your occupation policy – https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/foru…velopment-diary-12th-of-february-2016.908066/
Will it be possible to grant provinces / regions to your satellites, or take them away? Like the USSR taking away Carpathian Rus from Slovakia, or East Prussia from Germany
– I think I understand the question, and if I do, the answer is yes :)
Will this one get a decent tutorial?
– Yes.
Is there any flavor events like India, Indonesia or other colonial nations breaking free and joining rival factions mid war?
– Yes, there are events for some, like British Raj for example.
Can you take multiple doctrine trees?
– No
Does the player get any notification of sneaky enemy invasions? Or does he have to keep scanning the map?
– With enough intel you’ll get a warning.
Do countries like Australia and New Zealand get their own unique national focus trees?
– Not all countries, but we hope to be able to add this later in one way or another.
14 days ago I asked about custom factions. I’ve been thinking some more. Could a custom faction ally with another faction in a joint venture of some kind? like the UN, OPEC, EU etc.
– No. You would need to leave your faction and join another one. A faction leader can’t leave however.
How does transportation work?
– I assume you mean by sea? You need to have convoys available and control the sea or your convoy may be sunk, taking the troops with it (in war). In peace it’s pretty much like land movement from port to port and you need a convoy.
How are you able to tell which provinces are important to capure (like vps in hoi3), it it just the cities?
– It’s just cities pretty much.
Tech restriction? If you want to, can you speed research techs?
– You can boost research speed in various ways (most commonly through national focuses)
Are there only specific techs only for the major powers like Germany,USA and more?
– We have not been able to produce individual tech trees for all nations. We hope to be able to expand on it later on in some way or another.
For naval invations do you need boats or do the units embark them selves?
– You don’t really control the boats during a naval invasion. You make sure you have convoys and control of the sea you need to cross and draw an invasion plan which is similar to land battle plans.
Does the Lose of a Keypoint/City affect the national unity of a Nation?
– Not really. There is a sort of connection though, more on that later.
Is the british raj a client state or is it just a regional name (like in EU4)?
– It’s a puppet.
Are convoys used instead of transport?
– Yes
Can mussolini and hitler get married?
– Who are we to judge?
Can we liberate ‘by releasing+puppeting’ the African and Asian colonies?
– No. Colonies doesn’t exist and you can only release states that exist in the game at the start that have been occupied during gameplay.
Will losses in manpower affect the national unity of the countries?
– No, not really.
Will DLCs be added that can add national goals for smaller nations? Like glorious Denmark?
– It’s not impossible if you guys want it.
Can you set a time for when a battle plan is executed?
– You can not really schedule them, no.
Can you make america a monarchy?
– No
What happens if your country gets nuked?
– It will damage your national unity
Please consider adding national focuses and portraits for tanks/planes/ships for smaller nations, that stuff is fun as heck!
– Hopefully we’ll be able to expand with that stuff later. It won’t be possible to create for all the small nations before release sadly.
How does the game decide what divisions get disbanded after capitulation?
– If your country capitulates completely, all the armies disband. Some equipment will go to the annexing country however.
Can you demand some territories from your allies ?
– You can ask them to release occupied territory to you.
Will there be an option to pre-purchase and get into a beta?
– No.
Sabaton music DLC?
– Maybe? :)
Is it possible to stop your province from getting nuked?
– Air superiority will do that.
Do the weather effects affect combat? Sandstorms? thunderstorms etc etc?
– Yes. It also affects divisions moving through them.
Can you do scorched earth? Destroy infrastructure?
– Infrastucture is damaged from combat going on in the province. The higher resistance in occupied territory, the more damage to the infrastructure.
Are there any gender decisions for non Communist countries that will allow you to increase your Manpower?
– There are different conscription laws that change your manpower.
If the Soviet Union and the Allies defeated the Nazis together, they will have a joint display of peace negotiations?
– Yes. If they were allies.
Can every faction become fascist ?
– Everyone can change ideology.
Can you change your government direction, aka to democracy and other way round
– Yes, by employing people in your government working in that particular direction.
Is it possible to steal equipment like weapons from enemies?
– Yes, some of it at least.
Is hoi4 gonna have steam achievement support?
– Yes, of course.
Can you make communist Germany?
– Yes.
Do I have to choose a direction, when I build fortications? If you would attack the atlantic wall from the land side, it wouldn´t be so effective.
– The atlantic wall should be made of sea forts which are only effective against naval invasions.
How do spy’s and intelligence work? Can Clint Eastwood blow up Telemark?
– Not quite like that no.
How does loading paratroopers on planes/marines on boats work?
– You need to control the area in which they operate (by sea or by air depending on which of the two you use). Then you make sure you have transport planes or convoys and then you make battle plans. There is no manual control of transports.
Is Political Power useful late-game? Daniel has nearly 2k
– When you run out of national focus, you use it to influence other countries, either to like you or to change ideology.
Does Italy start as axis or do they have to join?
– They have to join.
Is it possible for your generals to die?
– No
What elements will be able to be modified ?????
– If you look up modding in our other games, you’ll get a pretty good picture of how moddable HoI4 will be.
Will hoi4 have steam workshop support?
– Yes.
Can you share your battleplans with your AI allies and they execute?
– You can only show them to your allies. You can’t share them so they can execute them.
What is the silliest/ hardest achievement there is going to be?
– Don’t think that is decided yet. Defeat everyone as Tannu Tuva maybe? :)
Will there be map animations for, let’s say, rockets launching or a nuclear explosion?
– For nukes, yes. Not so sure about rockets to be honest. Keep an eye out for rocket technology in future streams.;)
Can you intercept rockets?
– Yes, if your planes are fast enough
Does Spain start in civil war or is there a way to counter it. if they can’t are they still in civil war?
– The war starts pretty early in the game if you start at 1936 (it’s already over if you start in 1939 obviously). You can’t avoid it though (I think).
Do you get tank aces?
– No. But Podcat has expressed interest in the idea. There won’t be in the release version at least.
How will the multiplayer gameplay look like?
– This stream is showing a multiplayer game. I don’t know how I could explain it better in words.
What do the different colors at the Factory screen mean? There is Green, Red and (Blue?)
– Green are for working military factories, red for damaged and the blue are shipyards.
Does the USA start with more research slots?
– No, not at this time. It might change. You can always unlock new research slots through national focuses though.
What dictates your research slots? How many you have.
– See above
Will HoI4 have scenario setups like in HoI3?
– No
In the future, will players get warnings or messages in case landings/invasions happen?
– If you have enough intel, then you will get notifications.
With naval experience what can you upgrade with it?
– You can make new variations of your ships, improving on engine, weapons etc.
Are there still shore defenses? Or just forts?
– There are naval and land forts.
How quickly can ACE Pilots die? What are the conditions?
– They can die right away, or keep on fighting for a long time. The more planes you lose in battle, the larger the chance one of them was piloted by an ace.
Do you have Submarine Aces as well?
– No. Maybe it will be implemented after release. It has the same status as tank aces atm (see previous answers)
In the game will be a hall of fame for aces?
– Not at this time, no. It’s an interesting idea.
Can you issue war goals to your allies?
– No
What country would you guys recommend for a learning game?
– Italy. It’s the country of the tutorial.
Is there a culture system similar to EU4?
– No.
Can you research the V2 rockets that hitler wanted to fire them off from the coast of France into England?
– You can research rocket technology, yes. It’s late game however.