UPDATE: The future of the maps in World of Tanks

I will post the 2 different versions from EU and RU:
We would like to thank everyone who took their time to help us determine the game’s least popular maps. Having confronted our analytical data and statistics with your feedback from recent polls and surveys, we have confirmed the top 3 maps that need to be looked at:

  • Stalingrad
  • Kharkov
  • Windstorm

Consequently, this information has been forwarded to the Developers for further research in terms of gameplay balance and competitiveness. For the time being, we have also introduced the following tweaks to the rotation system:

  • Stalingrad: map occurrence probability remains on the lowered level, introduced with Update 9.13
  • Kharkov: map occurrence probability reduced four times to match the level of Stalingrad
  • Windstorm: map occurrence probability remains unchanged for the time being
  • Map selection restrictions will also be changed, which will result in a greater map variety available to players

Stay tuned for more information on the subject coming soon.

Fate of the “Stalingrad” and “Overlord” maps
– The results of voting presented that the “Stalingrad” and “Overlord” maps are the most uncomfortable ones according to players. Supplemented with internal statistical data, it was decided to disable both maps for random battles.
The “Kharkov” map also caused a negative reaction among the community and was placed third in the voting. However it will remain available for random battles: players of heavy armored vehicles realize the potential of their vehicles on city maps. The future fate of this map will be decided based on statistical data and further player feedback.
– There was also a huge amount of complaints regarding the current system of map allocation on tier basis. To improve the situation, the existing system was changed, and now the game locations will be distributed as follows.
From tiers IV-VI, all game locations are available, except for “Mittengard”. From tier VII and above, all maps are available, excluding “Widepark” and “Mittengard”.
The first three battle tiers will remain with access to:
 – Mines
 – Winter Himmelsdorf
 – Mittengard
There are still the easiest and understandable maps, allowing to learn the basic game mechanics.