Play AW, get 2500 WoT Gold (Polish Version)

Looks like AW invaded the European userbase by attacking Poland first. Poland is first to fight (again)!
However, the mighty Poles successfully repulsed the attack by disliking the AW propaganda video en masse. Victory!

Video translation (thanks hoholu!):
0:01: do you want gold for free?
0:06 : These guys know where to find it
0:13 move to us!
0:27 get 2500 golds in WoT
yellow text: pick gold!
Official details:
Here’s how it works guys. This is a promotion for Polish players (although technically anyone can participate). Newly registered accounts (using the link under the video) can – upon reaching tier 6 in Armored Warfare until February 29th – choose a reward, either 2500 Gold + 30 Days of Premium + Type 59 in Armored Warfare, or 2500 Gold in World of Tanks.
Seb: This is a stupid move from AW, and it shows clearly that their game is dying.