Type 59 Coming to AW

It was confirmed by them:

In Armored Warfare, the Type 59 will be a tier 3 MBT, following the tier 2 Type 62 light tank. The Type 62 was basically a smaller, lighter version of the Type 59, designed to fight in China’s mountainous areas where heavier vehicles could not operate. Unlike Type 59, Type 62 was armed with an 85mm rifled gun and was much less durable than its bigger counterpart. Nevertheless, it was effective as very few other tanks could pass through the same terrain. The Type 59 itself was eventually upgraded with a 105mm rifled gun (either heavily inspired by the Royal Ordnance L7 or a direct copy of this gun). It’s worth noting that around 10 thousand Type 59 tanks were made – this design was also heavily exported and fought (for example) in the Iran-Iraq war or in the Gulf.

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