WoT Blitz Q&A

-The ability to insert images (for example battle screenshots) to the clan chat is not planned.

-Camouflage will be available to all tiers;

-The game will have new gamemodes added;

-The Bombardier medal was moved for ideological reasons.

-According to statistics, the E50 M is doing well.

-Hard to say when we will add a new nation, or separate branches.

-In the future we plan to expand the graphic settings, so that players have the opportunity to independently enable, or disable the effects they need;

There are plans for tier 9-10 premiums;

-We plan to introduce a rangefinder.

-We are generally working on reducing the size of the client, so that the future new maps and tanks will not burden it.

-There will not be any HD models. The current ones have around 5000 polygons, but in the future, we plan to increase that number.

-This year we will have a new nation. Please be patient.

-Tank parameters change virtually every patch.

-The T-50 tank will be added into the game, but when? We do not know.

-AMX CDC (tier 8 Premium) will appear this year.

-Yellow inflited damage number (like in the PC version), will appear, but not in the near future.

-The future will bring a lot of interesting changes, and missions.

-We are working on improving the game and develop it on various platforms.

-Pretty soon we plan to fully review the MM system for low-tiers, because we believe it could be much better.

– Training rooms? – Theoretically they are ready, but there is still a number of aspects that we want to improve. The date of implementing is hard to tell.

-Battle music? Maybe, but not anytime soon.

-El Alamein map will be completely reworked, but not radically changed.

-The first French branch to come was not decided yet.

-There are plans to add Pz. I C (Seb: one of my favorite tanks in the PC version) and Luchs.

Have a nice night!