Undercover Brother Special (WoWS, WoT and Blitz)

Hey everyone! Sorry for posting so late, but I have something nice for you straight from our spy:

WoWS launcher (and possibly other games from wg) will soon be able to allow you to enable or disable mods via launcher, to allow maximum compability – this also means SD quality and HD quality clients for wows will come and more importantly, actual mod support for wows, however the devs are being careful so nothing like aimbots appear, therefore the amount of modding will be limited to a degree, which includes sounds, music and skins for now.

it would need an entirely different dynamic to make them fair in the game, for now its all talk, nothing on the table, and devs will rather focus adding the tech trees that people ask and require, developers already have their hands on what they need to make the Royal Navy appear, but they will take their time to implement it.
“HMS Hood” is a must.
No modern aircraft will appear in WoWS as an option on high tier carriers (jet propelled, helicopters, etc)
Its possible that nations with not enough ships to make a tree would appear as premium (only the most prominent of their class), or part of events.
No plans to add “General Belgrano” (it seems its an Argentinean cruiser ship that was sunk on the falkland war in the 70’s) in response to a few fanatics asking for it, as it is an actual US ship. (Brooklyn class)
“Amazing things will happen soon” -SerB   (in reference to this, i am certain that there was a “Dr. Betruger” image just below that quote, from SerB (I think its a Doom III machinima)
Seb: This guy:
“Czech Tanks are a reality, and they play pretty well too, albeit their guns arent impressive, they will make up with other things”
Too early to tell how are Japanese tanks are faring, for now they meet expectations.
Arty rebalance will happen after the tech trees have been implemented and after certain branches are added, and after the new physics have been added to the public game.
Contests will happen worldwide with chances to earn some prizes, and its held by clusters competing against each other /US/RU/EU/ASIA, each to compete to fulfill a paramount task before anyone else, best performer players will earn real life prizes.
An update in the horizon with new cards, no further details