AMX M4 49 amélioré tier 10 French heavy?

By: eat3reat3r

Description: A improved AMX M4 1949 that took on a different idea to combating HEAT shells-instead of removing armor, the armor was drastically improved. Historically it had 90mm of armor under the 280mm armor added on the UFP. This would mean effectively 370mm of armor. This would be game breaking, so only 280mm it is.

Hitpoints: 2,350

Hull Armor: 280/40/40

Turret armor: 250/120/30 (Plus big, heavily sloped gun mantlet) (Gun depression  -10?)

Engine: 1,000 HP

Speed: 40KM/H

Gun: 120mm SA 46

Summary: The tank is married with the AMX TCB turret that was featured on the 7.0 trailer. It will have a very strong turret and UFP, average turret sides, and poor hull sides.

Above; AMX M4 1949 amélioré

The TCB turret