Turn AdBlock on. NOW. (edited)

Hello everyone. This is a very important thing, about how do I get money:

I gain no revenue from ads. This blog is hosted by WordPress and they get to fit their ads here how they want, unfortunately. So, you can turn on the AdBlock add-on/plug-in/whatever, without me being affected. At all! I encourage you to do it and save your precious bandwidth. 🙂

Until now I gained like 35 from donations. I spotted a great historical book on Amazon about the Japanese WW2 Navy in the latter years (when they started losing the war but were still a powerful enemy). I will also check out other books full of stuff (so I can get the best bang for the buck) Shipping to Romania is expensive, so I plan to order more books at once in the near future. I will also post pictures on my blog once I get my hands on them. Thank you. It may look like a small amount, but it really matters to me.


EDIT: Nope. As of 31st of October 2015, we are getting revenue off ads. Feel free to enable/disable your Adblock, it’s your personal choice.