War Thunder – [Development] New Squadron Format

With one of the upcoming updates  we will be introducing a new type of Squadron in to War Thunder: “Drill Squadrons”. Now, you can easily put yourself in to the role of Commander, and gather your friends for games as a team, it will be much simpler! Fulfill your dream of creating your own squadron! Improve your skills as a commander, train your staff, participate in squadron combat and tournaments!

The creation of of a Drill Squadron is much cheaper (250 GE + 10 000 SL), but it does have some restrictions:

  • In Drill Squadrons only has the roles of commander, officers, and rookies available. The role of the deputy commander isn’t available. The Commander can not pass his role to someone or leave the Drill Squadron. He can only dissolve it, or upgrade it to the status of Squadron.
  • A Drill Squadron has a limited number of members: 10 participants and 20 applicants (pending applications).
  • A Drill Squadron does not have a description, only a name, tag and motto.
  • The tag in a Drill Squadron may not be edited for display format (style).
  • A Drill Squadron may upgrade its status to the feature rich Squadron at any time in the edit menu for a fee of 2,250 Golden Eagles.

If you do create a Squadron, please be aware of the guidelines that are required in order not to break our rules.

We remind you that in the previous Update: 1.51 “Cold Steel”, we introduced the following changes to the system of Squadron roles and titles:

  • All new squadrons can now only have one Commander (Squadron Leader).
  • Commanders may appoint a Deputy Commander, but not more than one.
  • The Deputy Commander has the same privileges (powers) as the Commander, but can neither disband the Squadron, nor remove the Commander from the Squadron. They also cannot change their own role.
  • If the Commander leaves the Squadron, the Deputy Commander will automatically assume the Squadron leadership.
  • The Commander cannot leave the Squadron if another person has not been appointed as Deputy Commander.

If a Squadron that already existed at the time of the change has multiple Commanders appointed through the old rules, a newly promoted Deputy Commander will only assume leadership if the last regular Commander leaves the Squadron. All new Squadrons will be created in consideration of these new changes.