The M4A1 FL 10, A French Tier VI Premium Medium Tank

Greetings Tankers!

Today a new Tier VI French rolls out onto the Supertest: the M4A1 FL 10. It melds together American and French engineering concepts, being a classic Sherman but with an oscillating turret and an autoloader.

The M4A1 FL 10 has good mobility, and though its gun can’t boast high alpha it has a four-shell clip. The autoloader allows for a very comfortable playstyle, emptying and reloading promptly, gauging up the damage-per-minute parameter. The crew consists of four people.

Though French, it’s a Sherman still—so please play it cautiously: the large size and the average protection are still factors you should consider. Yet, the gun of the M4A1 FL 10 lets you dispatch a single enemy within seconds.

Please remember that the stats are subject to change depending on test results. Follow the news and have luck in every battle!


16 thoughts on “The M4A1 FL 10, A French Tier VI Premium Medium Tank

  1. They added Strv with AMX 13 75’s turret,they added EBR with 13 90’s turret,they now add a Sherman with AMX 13 75’s turret again. Lovely played WG.


    1. Well… it’s an actual wartime used premium for once. Tho 2 sec faster reload vs the Swedish tier 6 prem with 15 less alpha pr shot. Might be good, might be trash vs it. Same AP pen tho.


  2. Comparing it to the AMX 12t, It’s a slower vehicle but has a better version of the same gun.

    I’d have to play it to see if I like it.


  3. World of Shermans…seriously how many shermans do we have in the game already? including frankentanks, lend lease shermans, etc.


  4. 35,119 T-34 tanks produced 8 versions (however there were differences in each factory that increased the number of styles, not accessible to that data at the moment)
    29,430 T-34-85 tanks produced 7 versions, (but again manufacturing differences added to the styles in addition to engineering vehicles and other country modifications)
    49,234 M4 Sherman tanks produced 19 different versions with additional modifications and manufacturing differences, in addition to engineering vehicles and other country modifications


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