WZ-120-1G FT Available on EU

Price: 34 €

Bundle contains:

-Tier VIII TD WZ-120-1G FT with 100% crew, garage slot
-30 days of Premium
-5×missions: x5 XP for a victory;
-5×personal reserves: +300% crew xp for 2 hours;

Link to store


3 thoughts on “WZ-120-1G FT Available on EU

  1. this tank is not bad, but the gun handling is Horrible, especially if u have to move, the aim reticle is almost as big as your monitor 🙂 And then u have to sit back for 3 sec to be able to hit something…other than that, its not bad, u can even bounce something and 8s reload for 440 alpha is pretty good…just the f* aiming 🙂


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