16 thoughts on “Tiger II (H) pictures

  1. Looks so bland for a premium tank, it should have something special visually, like zimmerit texture on hull and turret, or a Vampir system on the commander’s copula.

  2. Those are exactly the same stat as the t8 tiger 2 except for the gun, which with that 1.9s aimtime is arguably a viable alternative to the 105 at t8.

    This just goes on to show how much powercreep has rendered the t8 tiger 2 a t7 material

    1. Yeah I used to dread facing this kitty back in beta/early days and now whenever I see it in battle I’m just like “eh a bit more credits and exp for me to farm”

    2. isnt mas much of a powercreep as its WGs balance department being shit, they buffed lowe years ago both gun and armor wise, yet the tiger 2 stayed in its shit state for years, the armor is garbage (even vs tier 6 tanks), the gun is the only good thing about that tank

  3. Funny, I used to be so keen on getting this tank, but now I’m no longer bothered. The prospect of meeting Tier VIII tanks from the new meta in this thing is not appealing, let alone meeting Tier IX’s. Besides, my interest in the game has cooled massively ever since 9.18. I rather play Witcher III instead. Incidentally, I got the GotY edition for the price of a Tier VII premium tank … Talking about value for money.

  4. This is just a fully upgraded Tiger 2 with the 8,8MM gun, this tank will show that the tiger 2 has the stats of tier 7.5 not 8 and it needs a buff.

  5. Instead of buffing Tiger2 and make it more reliable at T8, WG decide to introduce a Tiger2 at T7. No thanks and gfys WG.

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