Special Pre-Sale Offer Lansen C

If you’re the owner of a Premium Account, we’ve got a special Pre-Sale offer — it’s the latest addition to the Swedish nation!

Say “hello” to the Lansen C Tier VIII medium tank. It hits fast and hard, thanks to its high Specific Power rating and 105 mm cannon. Also make sure and check out the vehicle’s “Wolves of Odin” Unique 3D Style!

Plus, as a Tier VIII vehicle, the Lansen C is eligible for Frontline — Episode 3 starts April 15!

Price ≈ 30€

Unique 3D Style: “Wolves of Odin”

If you purchase the War Chest, Ultimate, or Loaded bundles during the Lancen C’s Pre-Sale period, you also get the vehicle’s Unique Style! Dubbed “Wolves of Odin,” this skin gives the tank a truly unique look — right down to the wolf’s head muzzle brake! Behold the awesomeness:

0 thoughts on “Special Pre-Sale Offer Lansen C

  1. It’s on EU as well, just checked. Of course the Viking skin is in a separate bundle and adds over 11€ to the base price of the tank (39.99€ rather than 28.45€).

    1. On what are you basing your opinion? Lansen is fare more accurate, reloads few seconds quicker, with nice crew it goes around 7.4, nice pen, quicker, and it is able to ding something, revalorise eats all. So ?

  2. What’s the point to buy this mediocre med, which even doesn’t fit as crew trainer? It has 4 crew members, while tier VIII, IX, X has a 3 like premium tier 6 Strv med

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