WoT Supertest – ST-II nerfs

2nd iteration of the double cannon tanks are here, and our friends at WG thought that the ST-II was a tiny touch too good, so decided to nerf it.

• Gun reload time (1/2): 11.25 / 11.25 sec. (did not change, just here for comparison)
• Preparation time of a volley shot: 2.5 sec. (did not change)
• Recharge lock time: from 5 to 3 seconds.
• Barrel change time (in order to fire a shell from other barrel): from 3 to 5.5 seconds.


WoT EU – Top of the Tree Halftime: AMX 50 Foch B



We’re now halfway through the month, which means it’s time to take a look at the mid-tier vehicles featured in our Top of the Tree. If you haven’t reached the last three tank destroyers of the AMX 50 Foch B family and their great autoloading guns yet, here are some tips to get them faster by playing the Tier V–VII vehicles the most efficient way possible. Continue reading “WoT EU – Top of the Tree Halftime: AMX 50 Foch B”

Caliber – Open Test is Live!

The open weekend has now started.
There are no failures so far. Game version: 0.1.1 You can only download and play through the WGC.

Recall that everyone who plays more than 10 fights during the Open Weekend will be presented with the unique beta test participant logo. It will be awarded to players immediately after the start of open beta testing.

Open weekends will run from October 11, 12:00 (Moscow time) to October 14, 11:00 (Moscow time). When they are completed players who participated in the tests and already had access before will retain access, as well as those who bought early access kits.