6 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Lowe Valentine Style

  1. lol’s what a meme €14.46 for a Lowe Valentine day skin ……. kind of very expensive for paint pixels

    ahh well if Wargame can get away with this why not?

    fleecing fools from there money with ‘tank skins for €14 is good business anywhere and it only hurts the players wallet, not gameplay

    1. So you want more defender tanks brought out its good why not no special tanks that will be bring out so. dont complain about somthing that doenst even change the game bplay and it isnt that very expisve it sjust a little on the pricey side but it inst un payble or do you want atnks like type 59 g sold in the shop for 300 euro

      1. Exactly, this is the correct way to monetize their game! Not through OP premium tanks. Could just be my imagination but it feels like lately WG dialed down on OP premium tanks and started releasing more styles and skins for gold and cash. Hopefully this is a shift in direction of their monetization strategy and not just something temporary. Why are people complaining about something like this?

  2. Yes, please! More Wargaming! More! You can happily whale hunt with these skins without affecting MM. Wunderbar!

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