Jean Bart – WoWS Public Test Client files.

I have discovered among the files for “misc” items for France (“misc” texture folder is for deck clutter items mostly) there is a file merely labeled “”. The texture file itself appears to merely contain the textures to various items such as windows and possibly a range finder, that must belong uniquely to the Jean Bart.

If you have the WOWS_UNPACKER program for the client, the file can be found here: res/content/gameplay/france/misc/textures/
(This would not be the first instance of files that were not meant to be in the client accidentally being released, assuming its an accident due to the lack of any other texture pieces for the ship.)

Discovered by myself, Shipmaster_Crook.


Fixing/Enhancing the Grozovoi Gameplay Experience – WoWS

This is just merely a concept written up by myself, WG has made no statements to suggest this will in fact be implemented. My forum thread on the subject can be found here:

As it stands, as most people can agree, the Grozovoi, after the loss of its super AA, has become somewhat… redundant. Anything she can do other ships can do better, and as such, could use some mixing up to her statistics, and I personally have one that could give a superbly unique feature to her. Granted, her RoF buff in is reducing her reload from 5 seconds to 4.3 seconds, which does give her a slight edge, but that will only give her a better RoF then the Khabarovsk (5s) and Shimakaze. (6s)

I would like to see optional main armament, with a particular turret design in mind. As it stands, the Grozovoi has been equipped by WG the 130 mm/58 SM-2-1 turret, an appropriate turret choice to fit the schematic design Project 40n, which calls for a twin, dual purpose 130mm gun.

Now, I am sure we can agree, World of Warships is a bit of an alternate universe, one where all these designed/proposed ship designs were actually built. The turret I have in mind, if it had been built, and considered a successful design, I could image the russian navy replacing the 130 mm/58 SM-2-1 of the Grozovoi, and other similarly weighted dual purpose weapons on other ships.

The Turret which I have in mind is the BL-127, a quad barreled 100mm/70 gun turret;

The BL-127 was a turret designed to replace/upgrade installations of the SM-5 turret, which was present as the secondary armament on five Chapaev class and twenty Sverdlov class (Pr.68bis) cruisers. (In-game, we see the turret present on the Mikhail Kutuzov, the upgraded Chapeyev, and the upgraded Dmitri Donskoi) The BL-127 used the same identical gun barrels, fired the same ammunition, without adding a significant amount of weight to the ship.

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