New Flags – – WoWS

6 New flags added to the WoWS Client
Flags New

-Dreadnought – Premium Flag for upcoming Premium T3 Battleship “Dreadnought”
-Vangaurd – Premium Flag for upcoming Premium T8 Battleship “Vangaurd”
-Ovichkin- Reward Flag for upcoming “Ovichkin” collection.
-Charleston – Premium Flag for upcoming Premium T3 Cruiser “Charleston”
-Wichita – Premium Flag for upcoming Premium T8 Cruiser “Wichita”
-West Viginia – Premium Flag for upcoming Premium T3 Battleship “West Virginia 1941”

~IGN: Shipmaster_Crook


2 New Flags for – WoWS

Only 2 new flags were added this patch.
Flags New


-DMM Games: This is the logo for the DMM Electronics company, which also happens to be the publisher for Kantai Collection, future collab coming soon?

-Borgogne: This is a special flag for the upcoming “Borgogne” a T10 french reward/free xp ship currently being supertested, (Improved Alsace)

15 New Flags – – WoWS

15 Additional Flags were added to the game client in, as well as one flag getting replaced.
Flags New

New Signals:
-Basilisk: +75% to XP per battle, +30% to credits per battle.
-Scylla: +50% to XP per battle, +150% to Commander XP per battle, +25% to credits per battle.
-Leviathan: +50% to XP per battle, +100% to Commander XP per battle, +200% to Free XP earned per battle, +20% to credits per battle.

-Pirate Hunter – Tied to an Event for Pirate Day (Sept 19th) (Probably)
-Alaska: Flag for players who have the USS Alaska (Currently on live super-test)
-Le Terrible: Premium Flag for the French T8 Premium Destroyer (Coming Soon™)
-“AL” Flags: Azure Lane Flags, part of the WG/AL cooperative effort, possibly tied to the new Azure Lane camouflages added this patch.
Jolly Roger 6: Commemorative Flag for players Reaching Rank 1 of Ranked Battles for a 10th Time

Purrfurst: The original flag was added in, and is now replaced in This flag I am uncertain how is acquired.

New Flags – WoWS

9 New additional Flags have been added in the patch.
Flags New

-Argentina: This will be an optional flag for the Julio, which will be able to choose between this flag or the pan-america flag.
-Jean Bart: Premium flag for the T9 French Battleship Jean Bart
-Prinz Eitel Friedrich: Premium Flag for the upcoming German T6 premium battlecruiser
-AVA Common, Eagles, Sharks: These are event flags tied to the Sharks vs. Eagles game event.
-USS Boise: Premium Flag for the T7 American CL USS Boise.
-Gamescom 2018: Flag for participants of gamescom 2018
-Galleria Gamemaster: No fucking clue, please let me know what this is

2 New Flags – – WoWS

Just 2 new flags this patch;
Flags New
Haida – Premium Flag to be sold in the premium bundle for the Canadian destroyer HMCS Haida, which I would not be surprised if it became available in the near future.

Pan America – This Flag seems to be Wargaming’s design for a flag to represent all Pan-American ships to be added to the game, much like the Pan-Asia flag.

5 New Flags added in – WoWS

5 New additional flags have been added to the client this patch.
Flags New

-Azur Lane, Azur Lane Hipper, and Manjuu are flags all part of the Azur Lane collaboration, and can be earned through in-game events and the premium shop.

-Halsey – This Flag will be flown on vessels who are commanded by Admiral Halsey. (Much the same way ships commanded by Grand Admiral Yamamato will fly his pennant)

-American CL – I presume that this flag will be earned by players in the American CL Campaign.