2 New Flags – – WoWS

Just 2 new flags this patch;
Flags New
Haida – Premium Flag to be sold in the premium bundle for the Canadian destroyer HMCS Haida, which I would not be surprised if it became available in the near future.

Pan America – This Flag seems to be Wargaming’s design for a flag to represent all Pan-American ships to be added to the game, much like the Pan-Asia flag.

Advertisements – 1 Additional New Flag

1 Flag was added to the client in the recent update.

Ranked First Season
Ranked First Season

This flag I presume is going to be given to players who completed the 1st ranked season, as there had been no flag reward of any sort back then. If it has not been handed out already, I assume it will soon be shortly.

5 New Flags added in – WoWS

5 New additional flags have been added to the client this patch.
Flags New

-Azur Lane, Azur Lane Hipper, and Manjuu are flags all part of the Azur Lane collaboration, and can be earned through in-game events and the premium shop.

-Halsey – This Flag will be flown on vessels who are commanded by Admiral Halsey. (Much the same way ships commanded by Grand Admiral Yamamato will fly his pennant)

-American CL – I presume that this flag will be earned by players in the American CL Campaign.

10 New Flags – – WoWS

10 New flags have been added to world of warships client.
Flags New

Brooklyn – Commemorative Flag for the 9th season of Ranked.
Community Contributor – New flag for Community Contributors
Jolly Roger V – New Jolly Roger flag for players who have reached Rank 1 in ranked seasons for 5 seasons.
Hamburg Port – 829th anniversary for the port of Hamburg is May 10th to May 13th, so presumably there will be an in-game event celebrating this where a player can earn this flag.
Stalingrad – Flag representing the new Tier 10 reward ship “Stalingrad”
Australia – Optional National Flag for the commonwealth Australian ships.
Canada – New Optional Flag which is presumably for a new Canadian ship, not currently announced. (HMCS Haida?)
Commonwealth – New Optional National Flag for Commonwealth Vessels.
Nueve De Julio – Premium Flag for upcoming premium tier 7 Pan-American Cruiser (Ex-USS Boise)  Nueve De Julio

4 New Flags in – WoWS

4 Additional Flags have been added to the client.
Flags New

-Twitch – Presumably given to Twitch streamers for WoWS. Not sure on the exact details on how one gets this flag.

-Varyag – Premium flag for premium T3 cruiser Varyag, a new Russian cruiser.

-Kronshtadt – Premium flag representing T9 Russian cruiser Kronshtadt.

-Z-39 – Premium Flag for premium German T8 Destroyer Z-39