4 New Flags in – WoWS

4 Additional Flags have been added to the client.
Flags New

-Twitch – Presumably given to Twitch streamers for WoWS. Not sure on the exact details on how one gets this flag.

-Varyag – Premium flag for premium T3 cruiser Varyag, a new Russian cruiser.

-Kronshtadt – Premium flag representing T9 Russian cruiser Kronshtadt.

-Z-39 – Premium Flag for premium German T8 Destroyer Z-39


2 New Flags in – WoWS

Year of The Dog flag
Year of the Dog
-Flag is related to the Chinese new year.
-Not sure how you earn it, sorry.

Viva La France
Viva La France
-Flag related to the Viva La France game events,
-Earned in said events


7 New Flags in – WoWS

5 New flags have been added to the game client.
Flags New

Asashio – Premium Flag for the upcoming Tier 8 Japanese Premium Destroyer Asashio
Monaghan – Premium Flag for the upcoming Tier 6 American Premium Destroyer USS Monaghan
Cossack – Premium Flag for the upcoming Tier 7 British Destroyer HMS Cossack
Weapons Department Flag – Unknown, Probably tied to HSF Events.
Logistics Department Flag – Unknown, Probably tied to HSF Events.


I was a Gigantic Numpty and missed 2 flags when I made this thread originally. My greatest of Apologies.

2 Additional Flags:
Engineering Department Flag
Engineering Department Flag: Unknown, Probably tied to HSF Events.

Navigation Center Flag.PNG
Navigation Center Flag: Unknown, Probably tied to HSF Events.

IGN: Shipmaster_Crook [NA]


New Flag in – WoWS

Just a singular flag has been added this patch.
Flags New

EU Community Contributer Flag – Based on the title, its pretty self explanatory, WG will be giving, by some means or another, EU CC’s this flag.


New Flags and Redesigned Flags – WoWS

5 New additional Flags have been added to the Flags New 0.6.15.png

Ashitaka – Premium flag for premium T7 IJN BB “Ashitaka”
Gascogne – Premium flag for premium T8 MN BB “Gascogne”
Secret Santa 2018 – Special Flag which can be earned in the Secret Santa event this year.
Curry Flag – no fucking idea
Happy New Year 1018 – Flag that will be tied to an event celebrating the new year.


2 Flags Replaced:
Flag Rework 0.6.15

-The flag for the Steam service has been replaced.
-The flag representing IJN Musashi has been replaced with a flag that is more in line with with other IJN Premium ship flags.


New Flags and Replaced Flags in 0.6.14 – WoWS

5 New additional Flags have been added to the client for 0.6.14


Flags New 0.6.14

Akureyri – This flag features the coat of arms of Akureyri, a town in northern Iceland. Akureyri was one of three air bases used by the Norwegian-British No. 330 Squadron RNoAF. I suspect some game event will occur to celebrate an event involving this squadron.

Duke of York – Premium Flag for the upcoming birish premium Battleship Duke of York, which has an upcoming campaign dedicated to the ship in 0.6.15

Roma – Premium Flag for premium T8 Battleship Roma

Salem – Reward Flag tied to the T10 Reward American Cruiser, not sure how one goes about getting the flag, (or the ship for that matter) probably a mission.

Pan-Asia – This is the controversial Flag Wargaming has decided to implement on all pan-asian ships, replacing all national flags the pan-asian DDs use to have equipped to them.

Replaced Flags:

Flag Rework 0.6.14
The Blueprint Flags have all been replaced. They previously depicted the Iron Duke, tied to a set of mission that allowed players early access to the ship before the British BB tech tree was released. The ship depicted in the new flags is uncertain, clearly russian, but the exact vessel is unclear, the closest similarity is Stalingrad, all though some details are off for that ship as well.



9 New Flags – WoWS

9 New Flags have been added to the World of Warships Client.
Flags New 0.6.13.png


-Aigle Flag – Premium Flag for the upcoming tier 6 premium French destroyer Aigle

-T-61 – Premium Flag for the upcoming tier 6 premium German Destroyer T-61

-Duca Degli Abruzzi – Premium Flag for the upcoming tier 7 premium Italian cruiser Duca Degli Abruzzi.

-Musashi – Special flag for the upcoming Free-XP Japanese ship Musashi.

-Thanksgiving: Special Flag to commemorate Thanksgiving, likely tied to a short term mission, no news at the point of writing this article.

-Armada Action – I do not know anything about this flag.

-Kidd Flag – Premium Flag for upcoming tier 8 Premium American destroyer “Kidd”

-Blyskawica – Premium Flag for Polish destroyer Blyskawica.