New Flags – WoWS

7 New Flags have been added to the World of Warships Client of
Flags New

-Blueprint Flags: They are associated with missions that will grant you early access to T3-T5 British Battleships
-Yamamoto: Flag that gets flown on ships with Admiral Yamamoto
-Yamamoto Commemorate: Flags that can be earned by completing the Yamamoto Campaign
-Admiral Makarov: Premium Flag for the Premium Russian Cruiser Admiral Makarov
-Gamescom Flag 2017: Flag Which I assume can only be acquired by attending the event.

IGN: Shipmaster_Crook [NA]

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6 New additional flags have been added to the game client in
Flags New

-Wargaming Anniversary: Unannounced celebration for WG’s 19th anniversary
-Graf Zeppelin: Premium Flag for the premium german aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin
-Dunkirk Dinamo: Flag that can be earned in the Dunkirk event running now
-HMS Gallant: Premium Flag for the premium British destroyer Gallant.
-Battle of Vella Gulf: No idea what event this flag will be tied to
-Coast Gaurd: No idea what event this flag will be tied to

15 New Flags – WoWS

Apologies for the delay to this post, alot of things happening in life and this was alot of flags look at.

Flags added into
Flags New
*Moderator Flag – I was a numpty and I missed this flag when it was added in, so its technically not new but I failed to add it in the new flags post due to being an idiot and missing the fact this flag was added.
**Valor – This flag is new…..ish. Its technically been in the game for a long time, but it was re-designed to match the aesthetic of these other new “Valor” flags. The old design of the Valor flag is as such: