La Gallissonniere Easter Egg – Statue of Liberty – WoWS

On-board the bridge of the La Gallisoniere tier 6 cruiser in WoWS we have a golden Statue of Liberty.

I have used modding techniques in order to make the statue glow. You can see the statue, turned gold, on the bridge. It is extremely small and hard to see, but the statue is clearly visible in the texture file aswell. The statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France to the US in 1886.

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De Grasse premium ship unveiled….

To those of you who were excited at the prospect of the De Grasse, the unique french AA cruiser, with 8×2-127mm guns, prepare to be dis-appointed. As we are instead getting a ship that appears to be a retrofitted La Galissonnière-class cruiser. (Probably it is the De Grasse as she was originally designed, which might as well be a clone of the La Galissonière)

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Jean Bart – WoWS Public Test Client files.

I have discovered among the files for “misc” items for France (“misc” texture folder is for deck clutter items mostly) there is a file merely labeled “”. The texture file itself appears to merely contain the textures to various items such as windows and possibly a range finder, that must belong uniquely to the Jean Bart.

If you have the WOWS_UNPACKER program for the client, the file can be found here: res/content/gameplay/france/misc/textures/
(This would not be the first instance of files that were not meant to be in the client accidentally being released, assuming its an accident due to the lack of any other texture pieces for the ship.)

Discovered by myself, Shipmaster_Crook.