New Flags 0.6.12 – WoWS

8 New additional Flags were added to the 0.6.12 client.
Flags New 0.6.12

Battle of Trafalgar: I am genuinely confused by this flag. The Flag depicts the badge of HMS Victory, currently a museum ship that participated in the battle of Trafalgar. I can only surmise WG is planning some event related to that ship, such as a partnership with the museum.

Vampire: This is the premium flag for the new upcoming premium destroyer HMAS Vampire.

Tirpitz: Seems WG is wanting to invest in getting flags for premium ships that pre-date the premium ship flag concept. Means of acquisition unknown.

Indianapolis: Similar case to the Tirpitz flag.

Pigeon of War: Username of one of the developers, I presume he might be hosting some form of contest to win his flag.

Massachusetts: New Flag for the upcoming premium USS Massachusetts premium T8 Battleship.

Message PNG: This flag’s name makes little sense, as its not even in a .png file, but it seems to be a green variant of the Rasputin Flag (which has a black background, not green) Not mounted on any of the villain ships in the Halloween event however, so it could be a reward for participating in the event.

HW Another Flag: Also a perplexing title to the flag. If we presume “HW” is short for Halloween, I suspect this may also be a reward for participating in the Halloween event. Just speculation.

~IGN: Shipmaster_Crook


WoWS New Flags –

5 New additional flags have been added to the client in the recent patch/sub-patch.
Flags New

1) Huang He – Premium flag for the upcoming premium pan-asian cruiser of the same name
2) Guilio Cesare – Premium flag for the upcoming premium Italian Battleship of the same name.
3) Lifesaver Flag – Team Rubicon Flag, uncertain how one acquires this flag.
4) Wargaming Fest 2017 – Flag for wargaming fest 2017
5) WoWS 2 Year Anniversary – Flag to celebrate 2 years of WoWS. New Flags – WoWS

8 New additional Flags have been added to the client in the latest update.
Flags New

Dudinka – Not the slightest idea the significance of this flag and why it is in the client. This is the crest of Dudinka, a small port city in Russia. No ship’s that I can find that are affiliated with this river port in particular. Presumably a Russian server exclusive minor event.

(TYPO IN MY PIC) HMS Nelson – Flag for the ship HMS Nelson (I do not know how one goes about acquiring this flag, unless merely unlocking the ship earns you this flag?)

HMS Iron Duke – I presume that this flag is for players who unlocked her early in the missions for her before the British tech tree release.

Kii – Premium Flag for the upcoming Tier 8 Premium Japanese Battleship Kii

Siam – A Flag for the Pan-Asian tech tree

Indonesia – Another Flag for the Pan-Asian tech tree.

Korea – Another Another Flag for the Pan-Asian tech tree.

TGS07_Flag – Tokyo Game Show Flag (Presumably)

New Flags – WoWS

7 New Flags have been added to the World of Warships Client of
Flags New

-Blueprint Flags: They are associated with missions that will grant you early access to T3-T5 British Battleships
-Yamamoto: Flag that gets flown on ships with Admiral Yamamoto
-Yamamoto Commemorate: Flags that can be earned by completing the Yamamoto Campaign
-Admiral Makarov: Premium Flag for the Premium Russian Cruiser Admiral Makarov
-Gamescom Flag 2017: Flag Which I assume can only be acquired by attending the event.

IGN: Shipmaster_Crook [NA] Newest Flags – WoWS

6 New additional flags have been added to the game client in
Flags New

-Wargaming Anniversary: Unannounced celebration for WG’s 19th anniversary
-Graf Zeppelin: Premium Flag for the premium german aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin
-Dunkirk Dinamo: Flag that can be earned in the Dunkirk event running now
-HMS Gallant: Premium Flag for the premium British destroyer Gallant.
-Battle of Vella Gulf: No idea what event this flag will be tied to
-Coast Gaurd: No idea what event this flag will be tied to

15 New Flags – WoWS

Apologies for the delay to this post, alot of things happening in life and this was alot of flags look at.

Flags added into
Flags New
*Moderator Flag – I was a numpty and I missed this flag when it was added in, so its technically not new but I failed to add it in the new flags post due to being an idiot and missing the fact this flag was added.
**Valor – This flag is new…..ish. Its technically been in the game for a long time, but it was re-designed to match the aesthetic of these other new “Valor” flags. The old design of the Valor flag is as such: