New Flags 0.6.12 – WoWS

8 New additional Flags were added to the 0.6.12 client.
Flags New 0.6.12

Battle of Trafalgar: I am genuinely confused by this flag. The Flag depicts the badge of HMS Victory, currently a museum ship that participated in the battle of Trafalgar. I can only surmise WG is planning some event related to that ship, such as a partnership with the museum.

Vampire: This is the premium flag for the new upcoming premium destroyer HMAS Vampire.

Tirpitz: Seems WG is wanting to invest in getting flags for premium ships that pre-date the premium ship flag concept. Means of acquisition unknown.

Indianapolis: Similar case to the Tirpitz flag.

Pigeon of War: Username of one of the developers, I presume he might be hosting some form of contest to win his flag.

Massachusetts: New Flag for the upcoming premium USS Massachusetts premium T8 Battleship.

Message PNG: This flag’s name makes little sense, as its not even in a .png file, but it seems to be a green variant of the Rasputin Flag (which has a black background, not green) Not mounted on any of the villain ships in the Halloween event however, so it could be a reward for participating in the event.

HW Another Flag: Also a perplexing title to the flag. If we presume “HW” is short for Halloween, I suspect this may also be a reward for participating in the Halloween event. Just speculation.

~IGN: Shipmaster_Crook

WoWS New Flags –

5 New additional flags have been added to the client in the recent patch/sub-patch.
Flags New

1) Huang He – Premium flag for the upcoming premium pan-asian cruiser of the same name
2) Guilio Cesare – Premium flag for the upcoming premium Italian Battleship of the same name.
3) Lifesaver Flag – Team Rubicon Flag, uncertain how one acquires this flag.
4) Wargaming Fest 2017 – Flag for wargaming fest 2017
5) WoWS 2 Year Anniversary – Flag to celebrate 2 years of WoWS. New Flags – WoWS

8 New additional Flags have been added to the client in the latest update.
Flags New

Dudinka – Not the slightest idea the significance of this flag and why it is in the client. This is the crest of Dudinka, a small port city in Russia. No ship’s that I can find that are affiliated with this river port in particular. Presumably a Russian server exclusive minor event.

(TYPO IN MY PIC) HMS Nelson – Flag for the ship HMS Nelson (I do not know how one goes about acquiring this flag, unless merely unlocking the ship earns you this flag?)

HMS Iron Duke – I presume that this flag is for players who unlocked her early in the missions for her before the British tech tree release.

Kii – Premium Flag for the upcoming Tier 8 Premium Japanese Battleship Kii

Siam – A Flag for the Pan-Asian tech tree

Indonesia – Another Flag for the Pan-Asian tech tree.

Korea – Another Another Flag for the Pan-Asian tech tree.

TGS07_Flag – Tokyo Game Show Flag (Presumably)

New Flags – WoWS

7 New Flags have been added to the World of Warships Client of
Flags New

-Blueprint Flags: They are associated with missions that will grant you early access to T3-T5 British Battleships
-Yamamoto: Flag that gets flown on ships with Admiral Yamamoto
-Yamamoto Commemorate: Flags that can be earned by completing the Yamamoto Campaign
-Admiral Makarov: Premium Flag for the Premium Russian Cruiser Admiral Makarov
-Gamescom Flag 2017: Flag Which I assume can only be acquired by attending the event.

IGN: Shipmaster_Crook [NA]

5 New Flags – WoWS

None of these following flags are listed in the patch notes, I also checked all news posts I could find aswell as the contests on the WoWS forums.

Flags New 0.5.15.PNG

Whoever can identify any of these flags, please comment below and I will update the flag descriptions within the post:

Flag 1 – Premium ship Graf Spree’s “I’m Rich!” flag:

Flag 2 – CoinsUp Logo
Coin Flip Flag.PNG

Flag 3 – Premium Ship Oleg’s “I’m Rich!” flag.
Horse Flag.PNG

Flag 4 – Project Oil flag, an event happening on RU.

Flag 5 – 75 year anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

Shipmaster_Crook (NA)

Easter Egg: Minotaur and the Evacuation of Crete.

Within the texture of the hull for the Minotaur, there is a picture of the evacuation plan for Crete;


Crete being part of Greece, and the story of the Minotaur being Greek Mythology, is the connection between the two.

The picture itself is the evacuation of Crete operation, from may of 1941.

~Shipmaster_Crook (NA)