5 New Flags – WoWS

None of these following flags are listed in the patch notes, I also checked all news posts I could find aswell as the contests on the WoWS forums.

Flags New 0.5.15.PNG

Whoever can identify any of these flags, please comment below and I will update the flag descriptions within the post:

Flag 1 – Premium ship Graf Spree’s “I’m Rich!” flag:

Flag 2 – CoinsUp Logo
Coin Flip Flag.PNG

Flag 3 – Premium Ship Oleg’s “I’m Rich!” flag.
Horse Flag.PNG

Flag 4 – Project Oil flag, an event happening on RU.

Flag 5 – 75 year anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

Shipmaster_Crook (NA)

8 thoughts on “5 New Flags – WoWS

  1. #1 is Graf Spee\’s wappen
    #2 is the CoinsUP logo
    #3 is the Oleg\’s flag
    #4 is the flag for Project Oil, an event happening on the RU server at the moment
    #5 is the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbour flag

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