WoWS New Flags 5.9-5.10

This is my first article on this website, So I hope I do you good.

Not a whole lot was updated to the WoWS Flag file this patch, only 2 new flags.

Here you can see the entire file of all flags in the game.


The 2 new flags that are being added, the first of which is this “Burning Man” flag:


And what I would assume is a Gamescom 2016 flag:

Gamescom 2016


How one would go about acquiring these flags in-game at the time of posting this article is unknown.

Also, something I find rather funny, russian’s being salty and all, there was an Olympic flag introduced in 5.9, however, due to Russia being partly kicked out of the Olympics (which included 111 of russia’s 387 olympic athletes) due to a state-sponsored doping program,  Wargaming being an overall, essentially, a russian company, replaced the Olympic flag with a… boat flag.


Let the sea salt flow.