New Flags

Un-surprisingly, these new flags were not mentioned in the patch notes. Please comment below if you know their identity/what event/ship they are for.


No idea what this is for. I sincerely doubt it had anything to do with the end of the world *ahem* The Election of Trump.
Tbh, I have no idea what this guy’s name, WG’s cartoon mascot, I will dub him the name “Captain Bumble” if he doesnt allready got a name;

Captain Bumble Flag.PNG

This flag…. the colours suggest British and/or commonwealth, but I do not personally know it, more then likely for the HMAS Perth Super Bundle.


~Shipmaster_Crook (NA)


26 thoughts on “New Flags

    1. I thought the Perth allready had a flag, I guess I was merely thinking of the nearly identical one that comes with the Belfast. Will edit post for this detail.


      1. Actually, Perth is an Australian ship, but it raised HMS naval ensign as same as HMS ships.
        British Commonwealth ships such as HMAS, HMNZS, HMCS were used HMS naval ensign until post-WWII they changed their own naval ensigns.

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      1. Hillary is cold, aggressive and it seems like she doesn’t know where to stop. Her no fly zones, and

        Trump is just full of shit and screams like a tourette syndrome child, but he isn’t dangerous… he might even do some good for America.

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        1. From what I see and hear on teh internets after the election he will do good.
          No shitpoasting twitter wars or any crap like that.
          People doing the dumb shit now are those idiots in California.

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  1. Whats wrong with Trump? As an avid Trump supporter no one understands why people voted for Trump. They see America becoming politically correct and we are tired of it. We dont hate LGBT people but hate how they get more rights then us. We see our hard working money being sent to people not woking at all. Trump brings change, whether its good or bad who knows. He brings chqnge however and thats what people want. He is not racist towards Mexicans, but illegal Mexicans. He is not as sexist as he seems, if anything Hillary is more sexist for carious terrible reasons we shouldnt talk about here. Understand the people that would vote for Trump, they want to be remembered not forgotten like they have for the past 8 years.

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  2. I would love if people could keep places like this free of Trumpganda. He just got 4 years to show what kind of man he is and the rest of the world will just have to take more nerve medicine while he’s on.

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