New Flags – WoWS

7 New Flags have been added to the World of Warships Client of
Flags New

-Blueprint Flags: They are associated with missions that will grant you early access to T3-T5 British Battleships
-Yamamoto: Flag that gets flown on ships with Admiral Yamamoto
-Yamamoto Commemorate: Flags that can be earned by completing the Yamamoto Campaign
-Admiral Makarov: Premium Flag for the Premium Russian Cruiser Admiral Makarov
-Gamescom Flag 2017: Flag Which I assume can only be acquired by attending the event.

IGN: Shipmaster_Crook [NA]


6 thoughts on “New Flags – WoWS

  1. Those Blueprint Flags are missions for Random Battles, which are unlockable
    The Blueprints are from HMS Orion and HMS Iron Duke (1 Flag for HMS Orion, 2 for HMS Iron Duke)


    1. Random OR coop battles.

      The latter is the best way to farm them.
      It’s mostly just “Do X damage and X citadels”, so take any cruiser in coop, sail up to bots showing broadside and GG faceroll to victory.


      1. Mission: Ships and Tea IV

        “Conditions – Over a single battle:

        Deal 140,000 damage to enemy ships
        Survive the battle

        Not that easily achievable. Atleast for me I’m at Tier 8 max.


        1. IIRC you only have to do missions I through III to earn the blueprint, and the blueprint will give you the ship and a port slot for free when the British BB line goes live.


  2. Lol, they said there would be special flags for unlocking the blueprints. I thought it would be something historical. Now I’m happy I don’t have to farm this shit.


  3. When I saw that Admiral Makarov flag, at first I was wondering if we were getting his Russo-Japanese War flagship Petropavlovsk. I’d completely forgotten that the cruiser named after him was going to be a premium.


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