WoT RU: “Summer Adventure”

Earn rewards in the summer season of the Battle Pass, move up the ranks of the Onslaught: Stone Wolf mode, collect the BZ-74-1 in the Assembly Shop and try out Subscription and Early Access.

Battle Pass
Troop “Gost”
June 12 – September 11

Participating in the game event will bring you many valuable rewards, including in-game gold, new 3D styles, experimental equipment and other in-game valuables.


Detachment "GUEST"

Detachment "GUEST"

Detachment "GUEST"

Detachment "GUEST"


Early Access

June 12 – September 11

Unique game mechanics that will provide access to new researchable equipment without unnecessary costs of experience and credits. You will only need special tokens, which can be obtained by completing milestone and additional combat missions.

What Is A Subscription?

A special option that, starting June 12, will make the game even more comfortable.

Earn gold in every battle (up to 2000 per month), play on the exclusive premium vehicle Object 752, dismantle equipment for free, speed up crew training and much more.

A 7-day trial period will be available to players when they first log into the game after the release of Update 1.27 on June 12 and until October 30, 2024 3:30 (Moscow time) .

Assembly Shop

Starts June 18 at 20:00 (Moscow time)

35,000 cars with a unique 3D license plate style and 50,000 without a style.
IMPORTANT: Bonuses and credits can fill up to 100% of the progression scale, and only partially with other resources. Gold cannot be invested in progression .


Tier VIII, June 21 – July 1

The mode that is well known and loved by many players returns.

The economy, parameters of combat reserves and the durability of guns have been updated for launching on Tier VIII vehicles.

Balance And Visual Edits

“Mannerheim Line”

  • There will be fewer situations where the team on the top flank finds itself at a disadvantage due to the overly strong defensive position of the team on the bottom flank.
  • Additional passages will make it more convenient to move around the location.
  • Playing in the coastline zone will become more convenient for both teams.


  • Changing the lighting will improve the readability of the map and also allow you to look at it in a new way.

Rebalancing Vehicles

Work on rebalancing the equipment continues. We are reviewing the technical characteristics of various groups of tanks to ensure that all vehicles become in demand and effective on the battlefield.

This time the changes affected Italian, Chinese and Czechoslovakian vehicles, and the operation of the hydraulic suspension of tank destroyers with a free-wheeling gun was also corrected.

Important: work on the Super Conqueror rebalance will continue and will be carried over to future updates, and a revision of the performance characteristics of Concept no. 5 and M-V-Y.


Onslaught: Stone Wolf

June 12 – July 24

Participate in the event, move up the ranks, earn rewards. And for the first time in the event, meet your own store with unique products and the opportunity to get rare 3D styles, premium and award-winning equipment.

Summer Hangar



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