WoT RU: BZ-74-1 Assembly Shop

Don’t miss the opportunity to assemble the Chinese Tier X heavy tank
BZ-74-1 with a unique numbered 3D style “Type 74 Yongkang Tai”.

There are several important changes in this launch of the Assembly Shop. For example, you cannot invest in-game gold into progress, and only 25% can be covered with free experience. Also, please note: that the start time is 20:00 (Moscow time).

About the event

The Assembly Shop will be open from June 18, 20:00 (Moscow time) to June 23, 23:59 (Moscow time). You can get to it by clicking on the corresponding flag under the “Battle” button.

  • Main awards: BZ-74-1 and all-season 3D style  “Type 74 Yongkang Tai”  with individual numbers.
  • Only 85,000 tanks will be available for assembly.
  • The first  ~35,000  players will receive a tank and a unique 3D style with a number that will be assigned to the tanks sequentially, from smallest to largest.
  • Once all tanks with the style are collected, another  50,000  vehicles will become available in standard configuration until the end of the event or until the end of the event.
  • Use various resources to build a tank –  free experience, blueprint fragments, bonds, credits, and days of a Premium account.
  • You choose how much of each resource to invest.  It will be possible to fill up to 100% of the progression scale with bonuses and credits, up to 25% with free experience , up to 22% with premium account days , up to 22% with national blueprint fragments , and up to 11% with universal blueprint fragments. Gold cannot be invested in progression.

Please note: the event may end early if players collect all the equipment.

12 thoughts on “WoT RU: BZ-74-1 Assembly Shop

  1. Gold is not allowed and there’s a cap on how much free exp can be used, that means only long time players with tons of in-game resources can obtain the tank.

    That’s surprising, one would think WG uses the Assembly Shop to make money (from people who buy gold for the event) and to tank the game economy.

    1. Guess they want to syphon bonds instead or just want whales to convert gold to credits instead of free XP which has far worse conversion rate.

      1. Could be, I did not consider bonds or resource conversion when I posted the previous comment. However free exp can go up to 1/4 of the total required so it looks like the goal is to drain as many resources as possible, as much as possible.

        Once more, worth it for hoarders with tons of unused currencies, others should not bother.

        1. Well, if you’re active and aware, 100% free XP can mean 25k gold. Anything else will make this worse.

  2. No this RU. Not greedy robbing bastards of EU.
    Plus RU players have no money because it’s a third world nation

    1. You realize converting free XP is the best option making the T10 tank cost 25k gold and limiting it to be 25% max will make this inevitably more expensive, right?

  3. I like this tank. Will make for a good sex toy and unsuspecting snowflakes.

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