WoT RU: Early Access – How it works

Get in advance, without spending experience or credits for tanks that will become available for research in the future!

To do this, you need to collect special tokens by completing combat missions. In addition, tokens can be purchased for in-game gold.

To get early access vehicles, you do not need to upgrade previous tanks of the corresponding branch.

Along with the vehicle, you will receive a free slot for it in the hangar.



You can earn tokens by completing combat missions. They can also be purchased for gold. 


Performed in Random battles and Onslaught. An additional stage will open when you receive a Tier VIII car from the Early Access branch.


Early access is an opportunity to be the first to try out new vehicles in battle, and on the way to obtaining them, replenish your stock of in-game assets. 


The branch in the Chinese Technology Research Tree will begin with the GPT-58 tank and will consist of four vehicles
(three of them can be obtained as part of early access)

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This is a temporary currency that is needed to obtain early access equipment.
For completing all combat missions, you can earn 20 tokens out of the 31 needed to obtain three early access vehicles. Missing tokens can be purchased for gold. The cost of one token is 800 .

Number of tokens required to research early access technology:

VII level – 6 tokens,
VIII level – 10 tokens,
IX level – 15 tokens.

At the end of early access, compensation will be awarded for unused tokens. One token –  160,000 .


The event has 4 stages of combat missions, which can be completed using Tier V vehicles and higher. For each stage you can get 5 tokens (one for a combat mission).

A new stage opens after completing all tasks of the previous one.

Stage I – from June 12, 09:00 (MSK)
Stage II – from June 19, 09:00 (MSK)
Stage III – from June 26, 09:00 (MSK)
Stage IV – from July 3, 09:00 (MSK)

Additional stage

Will open after receiving a Tier VIII vehicle from a new branch. Along with it, a chain of additional tasks will start. They can only be performed on Tier VIII and IX vehicles from the early access branch – GPT-166 and GPT-68.


For completing tasks of all four stages, as well as for an additional stage, you will receive Early Access tokens and other valuable rewards.


20 thoughts on “WoT RU: Early Access – How it works

    1. Nar, this is such an L take. If I could get a new line up to an including tier 9 without spending XP or credits just by playing other tanks I enjoy, you better believe I would do that.

      Lesta is actually doing more for WoT RU in the past 6 months then WG has done for everyone else in 6 years

      1. Whenever Lesta makes a patch note, WG more and more become a clown in my eyes. Instead of improving quality of the game, WG just makes bullshit things.
        As I know Lesta has just been working on Mir tankov since 2021, they made a lot of things to the game which should have been done by WG. Look like WG is the rock halting the improving progress of the game. The Exodus was a chance for Lesta fixing all the mistakes in the past.
        Since the Exodus, what did Lesta do to the game ?
        – Mass tank balance: a lot of old meta tanks has a second chance to return to the battlefield.
        – New mechanic: Assault SPG – could lead to Sturmtiger branch in the future, Flametanks – unique but quite interesting.
        – Maintain Ranked battle for low tier: players have more options to play their tanks instead of always using tier X.
        – Reasonable loot-boxes: they didn’t release TOO MANY loot-boxes as WG, and the content in Lesta’s loot-boxes is reasonable.
        – Maps: they brought Stalingrad map back, and more will come.
        – Coop PvE: during Victory Day, they release that mode, which based on Homefront and Road to Berlin from the past. It was cool, and better.

        Look at WG, what did they do ?
        – Tank balance: bullshit, they only touch tech-tree tanks, how many times they balance, I can count on my hand.
        – New achievement screen and animated dog tag: who the fuck care about the achievement, even the dog tag is annoying. I just want to turn off it.
        – Idiot idea about jet-booster for Chinese tanks: the Soviet was the one used it, not Chinese.
        – Deep rifled gun of Polish TD: it’s a cool idea but seriously, the further the shell goes, the less damage it causes is bullshit.
        – Being greedy about Chieftain branch: instead of introducing Chieftain branch, they milk us, with Nemesis and Chieftain Proto being premium tanks. There should have been Nemesis -> Chieftain Proto -> Chieftain mk6.
        – Maps: fucking new maps, always for hulldown tanks and corridor maps
        – TOO MANY LOOT BOXES with bullshit tier 9 useless premium tanks.
        – D-Day singleplayer mission: I don’t offend to the WW2 veterans but WG is bullshit when making that boring mode.

        1. Dont forget that Lesta is releasing tier XI tanks in Jan 2025, something people have been wanting since the April Fools joke years ago

          1. Considering Lesta went ahead and removed flamethrower tank despite major opposition from community on their end.

            Lesta World of tanks is struggling extremely bad to maintain their big player base as many of them went to WOT EU

        2. All i see in comments are Russian EU players Praising their ill funded game who trying take over Ukraine

          Mazfi clown (who Russian)

        3. PL tank destroyers contribute to the average match at Tier 8 and above lasting less than 5 minutes, their playstyle is all about going yolo and getting close to get full damage from their shots. Three of those in a platoon can obliterate a flank (which is something the game desperately needed right? /s ).

        4. Glad you enjoy getting RU-milked, as long as you enjoy the game have fun playing. No idea why you care about RU vs real WOT???

          1. You kanake .. RU server is much cheaper not like Eu to flush big spenders before close in 2025

  1. The same RU people who try to scare players away from Wargaming for EU/ASIA and NA. or arrest them for buying the Ukraine Bundle

  2. These users comments praising Russian WoT and behavior, article Are all the same user mezfi

      1. Biden isn’t a president. He’s a fucking pedo imbecile and international embarrassment that the leftist media ignore. Even when he shits himself live on TV for DDay memorial and has destroyed the US economy quicker than anyone ever.

        Even African negro presidents aren’t as bad and that’s saying something.

  3. Post-split WG thinks the only thing that matters is lootboxes, they’d rather have a broken game and keep selling random chances than prioritize balancing and anger some whale or sweatypants.

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