WoT Roadmap 2024: Part 1 (February)

Overview of plans for the future of WoT: Czechoslovakian tanks with autocannons, vehicle rebalances, new Achievements, Combat Reconnaissance 2024 and much more.
Wargaming in the 1st part of 2024 talks in more detail about its plans. We offer you a text version.

1. Random Events 2024.
It is planned to add new scenarios to 6 maps:
• Karelia
• Siegfried Line
• Malinovka
• Redshire
• Cliff
• Pilsen (it was ready in the first pack, but they decided to stretch it out)

2. Recon Missions 2024.Intelligence continues the idea of random events. We want to test new ways for the player to interact with events.
The interactive environment in Combat Reconnaissance will allow players to more actively interact with various elements on the maps. You will be able to have a stronger influence on objects and adjust the environment to suit you.

3. Arcade Cabinet (game mode).There will be several launches during this year:
• Night battles [have already happened].
• Overwhelming fire [has already happened].
• Winter arcade in December 2024 [already happened].
• “Obstacle Course” [NEW] – an analogue of the fan mode and the Fall Guys game.

4. Czechoslovak light tanks with autocannons (we wrote everything about them earlier)  –Part 1 , Part 2 , Part3LTs will be armed with guns with automatic firing mode.
Release in the second half of the year.

5. Rebalance of tanks.In total, this year there will be 2 patches with rebalances (in spring and autumn).
Spring patch:
NERF branches:
• Super Conqueror
• Controcarro 3 Minotauro – armor rebalance

BUFF branches:
• Pz.Kpfw. VII – a noticeable improvement in many performance characteristics. We plan to make it not a tank for a narrow circle of connoisseurs, but a good car for everyone
• AMX 50 Foch B

Autumn patch:
NERF branches:
• ??
• ??

BUFF branches:
• Bat.-Châtillon 25 t
• ??

6. Crew 2024.
We are preparing several crew updates again.
Changes to the skill system will happen later in 2024, but improvements in overall usability will happen in the spring.
• You will no longer have to increase the major qualification level of your crews. It will be replaced by Сrew efficiency bonus, which will show the effect of things like Brothers in Arms or Ventilation.

You will be able to move any crew in a suitable tank, immediately unleashing the full potential of its characteristics. When transferring without retraining, you will no longer have a penalty to the dynamic characteristics of the car. Crew skills will be locked instead.
With free retraining or credits, the skills will work but with reduced efficiency until the crew gains enough experience on the new vehicle. This system is much simpler and more player friendly.
Clearing the Barracks – all crew members who do not have the experience to study the 1st skill will be 100% removed from the Barracks and compensated with Training Materials. The experience in them will be no less than that of the converted tankers.
(The cleanup does not affect special crew members – collaborations, Prime Gaming, etc.).

7. New Achievements system.
The new Achievements system will be an excellent assistant for a tanker.
At launch, the feature will have several sections:
• Equipment – all received equipment of different types (including rare vehicles).
• Nations – progress in leveling up nations in the game.
• Change in appearance – received customization elements.

There is also a list of game trophies earned in unique events.
For some Achievements you will receive rewards: animated tokens.
Each Achievement adds points to your overall progress – this value will help you evaluate your overall success and compare it with your friends.

In the future it will cover many aspects of the game, but at the start it will focus on the most important thing – tanks.

8. WoT Plus subscription.
The subscription will have a trial (free) period with all its benefits.

9. New Battle Pass Tanks
Two new Tier IX special vehicles will be available in the Battle Pass Store. The TT-130 is a Czechoslovakian heavy tank with jet boosters. You’ll be able to accumulate Tokens for it, starting in the first Season. And the new main Annual Reward, TS-60, is a turreted tank destroyer with high damage per minute.

About the Battle Passes:
First one is actually happening in March.
The next one will be in June, dedicated to D-Day, an 80th anniversary that is actually happening this year. So we will have a dedicated Battle Pass chapter as part of the history, covering a lot of different beats regarding the D-Day or Normandy campaign.
And we have a last one towards the end of the year, which is related to a very famous game mode, and we have something really, really good cooking.

All these changes will be released within 12 months.”

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  1. the amount of tanks getting rebalanced is just fucking sad compared to the amount of tanks that need it, and the size of the fucking company lmao

    1. It’s literally changing a couple of values. Like 5 minutes of work. But WG suggest they need 2 years of data to see how a tank plays.
      Whereas we can see within 5 minutes looking on the most excellent tomato.gg website 🤷🏼‍♂️

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