Evolution of the WoT Community Platforms: Forum, Discord & YouTube


  • Forum Transition: On 2024-02-20, at 09:00:00 (UTC), our forums will switch to read-only mode! New portal articles will no longer receive dedicated forum threads, and you won’t be able to comment or participate in existing posts.

  • Leave Your Feedback: Your insights and feedback are invaluable, and we’re eager to hear from you! For every new announcement, update, special, or news item, you’ll find a DISCUSS ON DISCORD link. This is your direct line to express your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions in the designated Discord channels. Join the conversation and help shape the future of World of Tanks.
  • Time’s Ticking: Haven’t snagged the three free 2D styles or joined our Discord and YouTube raffles yet? Good news! There’s still time. Check the announcement below, and don’t miss out on sweet rewards!

One thought on “Evolution of the WoT Community Platforms: Forum, Discord & YouTube

  1. So now they can push on with all the crew changes detailed above without any negative feedback 🤔

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